Bryce Mitchell Girlfriend Erin Handlow Is A Marketing Specialist

Bryce Mitchell girlfriend Erin Handlow is a marketing specialist in Pittsburgh. Bryce and Erin started dating in August.

Prior to dating Erin, the UFC fighter had never gone official with any of his previous relationships, if he had any. So, the marketing specialist seems to be the lucky one.

Before entering the octagon ring on December 11, Bryce Mitchell was undefeated in 16 matches and was coming high off his victory against Edson Barboza.

But it was all about to change as Ilia Topuria defeated Bryce with an arm-triangle choke in the second round. Fight, Lose, and then the Excuses begin. On his Twitter handle, Mitchell said it was the flu he had the week before that lost him the game. 

Bryce Mitchell Girlfriend Erin Handlow Is A Marketing Specialist

Bryce Mitchell girlfriend Erin Handlow is a marketing specialist at Commercial Built Construction.

Erin has been working in the field of management for the past decade, with her first job being at Acutran, an electrical transformer company, in 2012. Though it was for a short time, the experience might’ve come in handy at Superior Petroleum Company.

Erin Handlow currently works as a market specialist at Commercial Built Construction
Source : linkedin

Handlow worked for two years as a sales associate at the petroleum company for over two years before she moved to work as a property manager at Five Mile Development Group.

The company that won Renovation of the Year in 2006 focuses on revitalizing the land area near and around the Pittsburgh area. She worked there for just over a year before moving on to become whole sales manager at Hillcrest Distributing. 

Hillcrest focuses on the distribution of food and beer, and it’s more likely that Erin worked for Hillcrest Beer Distribution as it is located in Lower Burrell, where Erin has pinned down the location on her LinkedIn profile.

Erin Handlow opening the dog food package she and Bryce got from Dr Rob
Source : instagram

And following the trend from her previous jobs, Erin didn’t work that long with Hillcrest Distributing as she worked there for two years. Erin joined her current job at Commerical Built Construction in 2017.

Commercial Built Construction is a woman’s business enterprise, and there she works with her relatives, Laura and Robert, who work as managers and estimators respectively. 

Bryce Mitchell And Erin Handlow Began Dating In 2022

Bryce Mitchell and Erin Handlow started dating in August and have been together for four months.

Mitchell took to his Instagram handle to announce his love for his leading lady on August 14, 2022. The 27-year-old shared the picture, which shows him kissing his partner. 

Along with that romantic photo, the fighter in the next slide was seen holding Erin’s pet dog. In the captions, Bryce made sure his fans knew he was dating a sweet, wonderful woman with a cute pet guard dog, Lou.

Looking at Bryce’s Instagram posts, it does look like he has become best buddies with Lou. On October 6, the shirtless fighter could be seen dancing and holding Lou as he sang the Christian song, “God Taught Me.”

Bryce, a pet lover, owns two dogs and a cat and has ensured that the three get along well with the new addition to their family. In one of the videos, Lou, the smallest of all of them, ended up beating Mitchell’s dog, Tatter.

Christmas came early for the couple and their pets as Mitchell’s close friend Dr. Ross sent puppy treats to them. Erin can be seen unboxing the large box sent by Dr. Ross as Bryce holds the camera.  


Enough with the pets and their behaviors, Bryce has introduced his new partner to his family. Erin spent Thanksgiving with Bryce’s family. The UFC fighter shared a picture of Erin and him with his dad on his Instagram handle. 

Recently, the pair attended an event organized by ArCare, the five-star aged-care residence. Though the fighter called it a fancy event, he was wearing a simple shirt and jeans, but his partner chose to be extra stylish as she wore a thigh-high slit dress. 

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