Tristan Wirfs Girlfriend Meredith Sutton Played Junior Volleyball As The Outside Hitter At High School

Tristan Wirfs girlfriend Meredith Sutton is a former volleyball player at high school. Tristan and Meredith started dating in 2019.

Sutton began playing in high school, giving it continuity to the university level. She was a star player for the University of Minnesota Duluth women’s volleyball team, The Bulldogs.

Wirfs is an NFL offensive tackle currently embedded with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He also began playing American football professionally in high school.

Wirfs attended Mount Vernon High School, where he showed initial signs of professional athleticism.

Drafted in the 2020 NFL draft by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the former Iowa State player, currently sidelined due to an ankle injury, is not expected to play against Cincinnati on Sunday. Bucs head coach Todd Bowles said in the reports that he will likely miss the third straight game due to injury.

Tristan Wirfs Girlfriend Meredith Sutton Is A Former Athlete

Tristan Wirfs girlfriend Meredith Sutton played college volleyball for the Minnesota North volleyball team.

Meredith was firing all the cylinders and breaking records during her high school volleyball career. However, after graduating from college, she chose not to pursue a career in sports.

Meredith, who played for Bulldogs Volleyball at Crave on November 23, 2018.
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The high-flying Grand Marais, a Minnesota native, was playing for the Vikings in 2016 when she was selected in the First Team All-State. 

She was the star of the Minnesota High School volleyball league that year. The talented junior outside hitter Meredith topped the stats chart in the Polar League and led the Vikings to the back-to-back Minnesota State Championship trophy.

Pam Taylor, Vikings head coach at that time, delighted by her performance, said, “Meredith had a phenomenal year.” Twenty other Class A athletes, including Sutton, were also selected for the First Team All-State.

Many club teams were interested in signing her, but she was patient enough to wait for her graduation so that she could join the University of Minnesota Duluth Bulldog volleyball team.

Meredith shared her last photo of her volleyball career on November 28, 2019.
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Wirfs lover was switching back and forth between teams, playing for Vikings during the high school season, and once the season was over, she went back to playing for the club team. At that instance, Meredith was a hitter for the Duluth-based Minnesota North team. 

The 6-foot-tall right-handed athlete had mastered using her impressive height to her advantage to dominate the opposition players. Her highest approach jump was 9 ft and 6 inches, and the highest Sutton ever jumped to block was 9 ft and 2 inches. 

Meredith had strong leadership qualities in addition to being a solid player. She continuously offered a good attitude to her squad and inspired them to give their all.

She performed at the highest level as a student-athlete. After high school, Meredith joined the Duluth bulldogs, a fantastic volleyball program at the university volleyball and she was highly committed to developing her talents.

Sutton played high school volleyball with the Vikings while she studied at Cook County High School in 2017.
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A 2018 Cook County High School graduate, Meredith played for the Bulldogs for two seasons. She did not have many appearances in her freshman year but entered the regular rotation during her second season in 2019.

Tristan And Meredith Started Dating in 2019

Tristan found his love of life, Meredith Sutton, and the couple started dating in 2019.

The couple has been together for three years now, in 2022.

Meredith Sutton visited MLB offensive tackle Tristan at Bucs Training Camp on August 5 for their third year dating anniversary.
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Meredith uploaded their first picture on Instagram on September 23, 2019, a month after they officially began seeing each other. Both of them were hugging and smiling at the camera.

Just one week apart in January, they share the same birthdate. She posted a photo of them on Tristan’s birthday in January 2020. On January 24, Meredith sent him birthday wishes for turning 21. Similarly, a week later, Tristan shared a photo of the two celebrating her birthday in the sun.

In August 2020, the cute couple went to a beach in Tampa, Florida, to spend their holiday. Tristan and Meredith celebrated their first anniversary by driving to Florida, where they enjoyed beautiful beaches, the seaside, etc.

Tristan and his lover Meredith on their 2nd year anniversary in Tampa, Florida.
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The American football offensive tackle had an impressive season in 2021. Wirfs achieved his first Team All-Pro selection and was named to his first career Pro Bowl. His WAG Meredith shared a picture where she hugged him after the season’s final game.

The same year in March, the couple had a short trip to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, where they enjoyed boating and fishing. Meredith turned 22 last January.

Tristan and Meredith cosplayed as Batman and Catwoman for this year's Halloween.
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In August, they uploaded pictures from the Bucs Training Camp for their third year living in a relationship. Meredith went to visit Tristan at the club’s training facility.

Moreover, the wild couple dressed up as Batman and Catwoman for this year’s Halloween party. Tristan donned the famous cape crusader mask, and Meredith looked stunning in that Catwoman outfit. Plus, the mask on her face was a cherry on top.

Meredith Sutton Has Three Siblings

Meredith was born to Jen and Kevin Sutton, and she has three siblings.

Sutton is one of the four children her parents raised in Grand Marais, Minnesota. She has two sisters, Linden and Abigail, and a brother, Peter Sutton

She has posted a handful of pictures on her Instagram of her family. In August 2017, Meredith shared an image of all four huggings each other. They went on a trip near a lake in Minnesota, and she wrote that Linden dropped her mobile into the lake.

Meredith with her three siblings, sisters Abigail, Linden, and a brother Peter Sutton back in 2017.
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Meredith is now living with her boyfriend, Wirfs, in Tampa, Florida, far away from any of her family members. The youngest of four, Peter, is a basketball player and plays high school basketball for the Vikings.

He is currently in a relationship with a girl named Kate. Peter and Kate were recently engaged. He uploaded a picture on his Instagram where he put on an engagement ring on her finger.

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