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Chad Henne Parents Sheldon And Suzanne Henne And His Football Family

Chad Henne (left) pictured practicing with Kansas City Chiefs before the game and on right his mom Suzanne and dad Sheldon pose during their routine walk in November 2022
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Chad Henne parents Sheldon and Suzanne Henne raised him in Wyomissing. Sheldon worked a blue collar job as he raised his two kids.

The 37-year-old quarterback, Chad Henne, was the unlikely hero last night for the Kansas City Chiefs as Patrick Mahomes was forced off the field. But this shouldn't have been a shocker, as he had delivered the goods in the 2021 playoff game as well. 

The NFL star's father Sheldon worked between a welding site and a football field as he made sure to install the required work ethic to become successful in him from a young age. 

Chad's mother has always been his huge supporter making sure to attend her son's games when he was with Miami Dolphins. The proud mama will certainly not forget to post about Chief's win on her social media handle as she always does.

Chad Henne Father Sheldon And Mother Suzanne Henne

Chad Henne parents Sheldon and Suzanne Henne moved him and his sister Tracie Henne to Wyomissing when he was in class 3.

Sheldon Henne didn't expect his son to start the game for the Michigan Wolverines in 2004 when he was a rookie. Nobody believed a rookie would be given a starting role, but Chad starred in the match, as his father swelled with pride looking at his son lead the pack. 

Sue and Sheldon pictured with their high school friends as Sue shares the picture on her Instagram handle in 2022
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Sheldon Henne worked two jobs—a full-time welder and a high school football coach. As much as Chad loved going to the football fields with his dad, he didn't shun going to the welding sites. 

Seeing Sheldon give it his all at the welding site made Chad work harder on the football field. Never hearing his dad complain about his tough job made Chad a more resilient football player, thinking what his dad did was more painful than what he does on the field.

Sheldon and Sue always attended Chad's games when he was with Miami Dolphins. Sue Henne works as an office manager at the Reading Family Dental Center, a position she has held for the past 31 years. 

Sheldon puts his arm around his better half Sue as they are pictured at the Marblehead Lighthouse
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On her Instagram, the mother-of-two is seen sharing snaps of her grandchildren and her son's victories. The couple continues to reside in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, which they have called home for the past three decades.

Nowadays, they aren't seen around Chad's games, but the only son of the couple continues to show discipline and hard work he learned from his parents on the field, which certainly makes them more than content.

Chad Henne Children Are Basketball Stars In School

Chad Henne shares two children with his wife of twelve years Brittany Hartman.

The football couple, Chad and Brittany, tied the knot in 2010 and are childhood friends. But they only started dating in high school before joining the University of Michigan. 

The couple is parents to son Chace, age 8, and daughter Hunter, age 7, who are already showing signs of becoming athletes like their dad. The two bundles of joy in Chad and Brittany's life spend as much time with their parents as they do with their grandparents, with the two being seen in their grandmom's feed.

Son Chace Henne

Chad pictured with his son Chace Henne on February 9, 2022 at Cape May, Lobster House as they enjoy a father son bonding
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Chad Henne's son Chace Henne is eight years old and a basketball player. He is the firstborn of Chad and Brittany. 

The youngster has been seen several times attending his father's games, and so has Chad shown up at his. Chace is one of the basketball players at his school, and it looks like Chad needs to make some room for his son's trophies in his cabinet.

In February 2022, the proud father shared a photo of his son winning a basketball tournament with his friends. Chace is a big fan of the Philadelphia 76ers, as the father-son duo has been attending the games starring Tobias Harris.

On May 3, 2022, during the off-season, Chad was seen giving his son a haircut at home, which prompted some of Chad's fans to comment on whether he was working on retirement and, if so, it was a good idea. 

Daughter Hunter Henne

Chad posts a sweet tribute to his daughter Hunter on her birthday in December 2022
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Chad Henne's daughter Hunter Henne, age 7, was born on December 21, 2015.

On her special day, the footballer shared a series of pictures as he paid a sweet tribute to his only daughter on her birthday. 

Brittany and Chad have certainly been blessed with athletic kids. It's not only Chace, who wins on the basketball court, but his younger sister, Hunter, is also not far behind her brother. 

Chad shared the picture of his daughter winning a basketball tournament with her team, who call themselves the Cheetahs. But Hunter is not limited to only basketball as she is a multi-sport athlete, having her hands covered with baseball gloves as well.

Recently, the doting father made some time out of his hectic schedule as he took his family to Sea World San Diego. The quarterback shared a few snaps from his trip to the marine life park with him and his kids having a blast. 

Chad Henne Family

Chad Henne comes from a family with a background in football. 

The Chiefs quarterback, Chad, moved to Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, when he was in third grade. Born to Sheldon and Sue Henne in 1985, the footballer was raised alongside his sister, Tracie Henne. Like him, Tracie is a Wilson graduate. 

Chad pictured with his family including his sister Tracie(second from left) as they deck up in Chiefs gear in 2019
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Chad comes from a background that holds its religious values highly. One of his cousins, Henne-Eighmie, who is four years older than him, talked about growing up with the quarterback as she compared it to growing up with a celebrity.

Henne-Eighmie shared she was close with Tracie as the two girls would go to church and have Bible study. Henne, who lives in Pennsylvania, attends her cousin's games whenever possible.

Chad Henne celebrated his 12th anniversary with his better half Brittany Hartman on July 4, 2022. To celebrate mother's day last year, the couple took a fishing trip with their kids as Chad showed his daughter Hunter's catch. 

Chad pictured with his better half Brittany and their two kids as they celebrate Mother's Day
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Chad and his family of four don't back down when it comes to festivities. The fab four dressed up in baseball gear to celebrate Halloween 2022 and their tradition of clicking a picture compulsorily on Christmas. 

Hunter, Chace, and Brittany were all seen at the Hard Rock Stadium on February 2, 2020, when the Chiefs lifted their first Super Bowl trophy in fifty years. And soon, we may once again see the Henne family holding the prestigious trophy with the way their season is going.