Damar Hamlin Parents Mario Hamlin and Nina Hamlin

Damar Hamlin parents are Mario Hamlin and Nina Hamlin from McKees Rocks Pennsylvania. Damar has a younger brother named Damir Hamlin.

Born on March 24, 1998, Hamlin completed his high school at Pittsburgh Central Catholic.

He was an athletic specimen since childhood and was named the first-team all-state and Class AAAA Defensive player of the year in high school.

For his college career, he attended the University of Pittsburgh and played for their football team Panthers. In his freshman year, he played three games before injuring himself and returned the following year as a redshirt freshman. He led his team with 90 tackles and two interceptions in his sophomore year. For his final senior year, he was also named the team captain.

Hamlin plays as a safety for the Bills
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Hamlin was drafted into the league via the 2021 NFL draft as the 212th overall pick in the sixth round by the Buffalo Bills. The safety is playing in his second season in the NFL.

Damar Hamlin Parents

Damar Hamlin parents Mario and Nina are originally from Pennsylvania.

Nina runs a daycare for those who depend on others like children and old folks.

Mario and Nina have managed to raise their family successfully from what they had.

Mario Hamlin Started Family Business

Damar’s father Mario started a family business with his wife, which is operational to date. Mario and Nina decided to open their own office cleaning business.

Mario has not always been together with the family. However, he and Damar have stayed connected via phone calls and regular visits.

Mario with his son Damar
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Nina Runs A Daycare

Dmar Hamlin mother Nina runs a daycare facility. She takes care of the people who cannot be independent on their own.

Damar himself used to assist his mother with her work. Since his father was not always present with the family, he had to man up himself, and one of the ways he did it was by assisting his mother with her work.

Nina worked at the daycare from 6 in the morning until 6 in the evening. Nina has had a tremendous hand and influence in making his son what he is today. She gets a ton of credit for his success as Damar reiterates the sentiment repeatedly.

Nina has had a huge influence on her son's life
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Nina has an Instagram account. She has 579 followers and her account is private. She often visits her son during his games to show support.

Not only his mother, but Hamlin also gives credit to his father as well for making him the man he is today. Both Mario and Nina have always looked for the best for both of their sons.

Hamlin is also the CEO of Chasingms, a clothing brand he started. Chasimgms also operates a charity foundation; his mom and dad are also heavily invested in it with their son.

Recently, Damar’s charity foundation crossed the donation of $1 million mark. He belives in giving back to society and helping kids make their childhood better and happier. 

Damar Hamlin Has A Younger Brother

Damar is the eldest of the two kids of Mario and Nina. He has a younger brother named Damir Hamlin.

Damir is the younger brother of the Bills safety
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Damir celebrated his 7th birthday on February 21, 2022. He has his own Instagram handle. As of now, the 7-year-old has a following of 2,054 and he has a total of 200 posts on his account.

The youngest member of the Hamlin family is a huge football fan himself and often accompanies his brother to the stadium and is seen by the side of the field before and after games meeting with other players.

He is training to improve his football skills at such a young age as he wants to follow in his brother’s footsteps.

The charming kid is also a superhero fan and he prefers spiderman.

Mario and Nina moved their family from McKees Rocks to Pittsburgh in order to shield their kids from all the negativity that could have influenced their children in an inappropriate manner.

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