Corey Clement Family Life With Parents Stephen Clement And Latanya Dunaway Clement

Corey Clement parents Stephen Clement and Latanya Dunaway Clement are from New Jersey. Corey Clement mom Latanya is an entrepreneur.

Stephen and Latanya raised their children in Glassboro, New Jersey. Their first son, Stephen Jr., is interested in music and songs like his father. Similarly, their youngest child pursued a career in football.

Corey is an American football running back for the NFL team, the Arizona Cardinals. He attended Wisconsin during his college football career before being acquired as an undrafted free agent by the Eagles in 2017.

Moreover, he participated in the Eagles Super Bowl LII victory during his first year. The 28-year-old has been with several NFL teams, including Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants. Before joining the Cardinals, he had been with four other teams.

Corey Clement Parents Stephen Clement And Latanya Dunaway Clement

Corey Clement parents Latanya Dunaway and Stephen Clement live in Glassboro. His father Stephen Clement comes from a singing background.

Latanya is an entrepreneur and has established many companies across the country, while her husband plans on working on his dream of singing. 

Stephen has recently talked about how the success of his sons in their particular field has motivated him to follow his passion after so many years. He had been singing with his band before raising his own family. 

Corey with his mom at State Farm Stadium in December 2022 before a game.
Source : instagram

The father of two has preferred to remain out of social media, while his wife has been active on Instagram. She uses Instagram under the username @iamlatanyaclement, with over sixteen thousand followers. 

Mrs. Clement was born as the second daughter to Curtis T. Dunaway and celebrates her birthday on December 24.

Stephen Has A Passion For Singing

Stephen Clement is a native of Mt. Airy and a founding member of the Cappella group A Perfect Blend. Clement still pursues his dream of becoming a singer and a musician after seeing his close ones succeed. 

Clement Sr. is sometimes referred to as “Hollywood” for his natural skills. He will perform his debut single, “One Kiss,” at the upcoming First Formal Senior Old School Ball. It was written by Douglas Payne, the head of Clement’s label, Phase 5 Records.

Corey's dad Stephen Clement Sr. wants to launch his career in music
Source : phillytrib

His family largely inspired him; his aunts were in a Philadelphia band named Direct Current in the ’70s called ‘Everybody Here Must Party. Stephen grew up watching, The Clement sisters, Deborah, Denise, and Dorothy, his aunts sing. They are known for their performance on Patti LaBelle’s background tracks, including “If Only You Knew.” 

Moreover, the album “You Remind Me” by Usher, which won a Grammy Award, was written by his younger cousin, Eddie Clement, and Anita Clement. Considering the level of achievements of his close ones in the music industry, it is not a surprise for him to be interested in this field.

Douglas Payne, who will host the First Formal Senior Old School Ball, said of Stephen that he used to sing with another group called Neva2Late, even before Corey, his son, signed his professional contract. It was when the 28-year-old was playing for Wisconsin. 

His Mother Is An Entrepreneur

Corey Clement’s mom, Latanya Dunaway, is an entrepreneur and owns Clement Enterprises, LLC. She is also a Clement Personal Consultant for High Senior Students.

Dunaway is also a Motivational Speaker. She graduated from Philadelphia University and returned to her Alma Mater, Little Flower Catholic High School for Girls, to cheer on Corey and the rest of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Her pursuit in business has seen a lot of success recently. She established herself as an independent woman while raising two kids. She is a huge sports fan. The mother of two is frequently seen wearing the team’s jersey in her son’s games. 

Corey's mom Latanya Dunaway is the owner of Clement Enterprises, LLC.
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When she is not watching a football game or spending time with her partner, she is busy with her friends and relatives. Latanya celebrated her sister’s birthday on December 18 and posted a picture on her Instagram.

Corey Clement Family

Corey Clement is the youngest member of his family of four.

The Clement brothers were raised together and attended Glassboro High School in Glassboro, New Jersey. However, the 28-year-old is based in Arizona due to his footballing duties.

The 28-year-line Running back with his brother and mother in the training ground in August 2022.
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Although Corey has been relocating to different places to help him in his career, he does not miss any chance to get together with his loved ones. 

He recently celebrated his older brother’s 30th birthday last October. The running back also spent his day with Latanya to celebrate mother’s day on May 8. He was also with his mom for her birthday on December 24, 2022. 

His Brother Is A Musician

Stephen Clement Jr was born as the first son of Stephen and Latanya. He is the elder brother and only sibling of Corey Clement.

Born on October 25, 1992, he is currently 30. He is active on Instagram under the username @stephenclementjr, with over twelve thousand followers. 

Clement celebrating his brother's 30th birthday on October 25, 2022.
Source : instagram

His Instagram bio states that he is a musician and a band member. Being the eldest son, he grew up watching his father sing and take an interest in music. Junior followed in his dad’s footsteps and pursued his career in the entertainment industry. 

Moreover, based on his social media profile, he enjoys a significant share of time with his younger brother Corey.

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