Charlton Goodell Family Has A Sports And Politics Background

Charlton Goodell family consists of a line of lawyers and politicians. Charlton is an athlete at Jackson State University.

Standing at 6ft 1, Charlton is a 20-year-old sophomore at Jackson State University and played last night in the Celebration Bowl as he took the field against North Carolina Central. 

In attendance was NFL commissioner Roger Goodell who hugged his nephew after the game. Though the Tigers lost to the Eagles, it was certainly a proud moment for the commissioner. 

In an interview in 2020, Roger Goodwell revealed that Charlton was named after his father, Charlie Goodell, and shared a strong bond with his nephew. 

Charlton Goodell Father Jeff Goodell Is A Clinical Social Worker

Charlton Goodell father Jeff Goodell is a clinical therapist at Focus Forward Counseling and Consulting. 

The father of four, Jeff, adopted three kids, including Charlton. His birth name is Jeffrey and he is the youngest brother of the NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell. He was raised in a family of four older brothers working in different fields. One of them is a pilates instructor, about whom we will learn later in the article.

Charlton Goodell dad Jeffrey Goodell is a clinical social worker at Focus Forward.
Source : linkedin

Jeffrey Goodell was a freshman at Williams College in 1980, and four years later, he graduated with a degree in history. He later attended Columbia University and earned his master’s degree in social work. 

Furthermore, he continued his studies in the same field as he went on to earn a second degree from Bank Street College of Education. In 2020, he earned a certificate as a coach from the Weatherhead School of Management. 

Jeffrey Goodell with Charlton(back centre) and his daughter Delaney Goodell as she commits to Iowa State University
Source : instagram

As a clinical social worker, it’s the duty of one to provide mental and emotional support. If a child is provided with that help from a young age, they can find a balance in their life later on. So, Jeffery’s first work began at the Hun School of Princeton as director of counseling.

After four years at Princeton, he decided to work at Episcopal High School in Virginia, where his daughter also studied. A decade of experience at Episcopal High School led him to start working as a licensed clinical social worker at Christopher Aaron Center.

Charlton Goodell with his dad and sister as they attend the Jackson State University in 2020
Source : instagram

Currently, along with serving his role at Focus Forward Counseling and Consulting, he also has established Jeffrey Goodell, the Leadership Coach and consultant. The company was established in 2020 during the pandemic.

It was thoughtful thinking by Jefferey, as many went through mental and emotional distress during the pandemic.

Charlton Goodell Siblings Are A Pair of Athletes

Charlton Goodell has two siblings who have both dabbled in the sporting world like him. 

Charlton’s sisters Delaney Goodell and Jeannie Goodell have both played in the soccer team and basketball teams of their universities, respectively.

1. Delaney Goodell 

Delaney Goodell (right) in the soccer gear of Iowa State University in 2019
Source : instagram

Delaney Goodell, the sister of Charlton Goodell, committed to Iowa State University in 2018. The Twitter handle of Iowa State Soccer confirmed that Delaney would be part of the team for the upcoming seasons in early 2019.

Delaney graduated from Cambridge high school in 2018 and was a two-time Class A All-Conference selection and also a regional and all-state star. During high school, she was also a track and field athlete. 

She won the state championship cross country in 2018 while at high school and played soccer in Maine before moving to Georgia for her sophomore year. Last night, Delaney took to her Instagram to share the moment when Charlton went and hugged their uncle, Roger Goodell.

2. Jeannie Goodell 

Jeanie Goodell works at the MITxPRO since 2019
Source : mit

Jeannie Goodell graduated from Episcopal High School and earned her bachelor’s degree from Goucher College in sociology and Spanish. At Goucher, she was part of the women’s basketball team and on the student athletic committee. 

Currently, she works at MITxPRO as a partner experience manager and also provides consulting services from the company she founded in 2018 named after her. In 2017, she also worked as a real estate advisor. 

Jeanie Goodell was present at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium to see her brother take on the field against North Carolina Central.

Though not confirmed, Charlton is believed to have a brother, Keegan Goodell, who was present with the rest of the family when Delaney committed to Iowa State University in 2018. 

Charlton Goodell Uncle Is The NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

Charlton Goodell has a famous uncle in none other than the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. 

Charlton has three other uncles who are involved in various fields, with two of them being lawyers and one of them a pilates instructor. 

1. Roger Goodell 

Roger Goodell pictured at the press conference at Hilton Hotel in 2019
Source : gettyimages

Roger Goodell, age 63, is the NFL commissioner and the second oldest son of former U.S. senator Charles Goodell. In recent years, Charles Goodell has come under media scrutiny for not being able to take action against racism in the franchise. 

But he has clarified he is in support of people of color and voiced that it was because of his nephew, Charlton that gave him a wake-up call about racism. Roger had previously not supported Cole Kaepernick’s action of kneeling during the national anthem and had blacklisted him.

Later in 2020, he said he wished he had listened to Kaepernick. In an interview with BET, he revealed he had a nephew, who was a person of color but simply looks at him as a nephew. 

2. William Goodell

Willam Goodell pictured after his appointment as the  Interim Executive Director of the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program in 2020
Source : duke

William Goodell is the oldest of the Goodell family and has vast experience in the field of law. In 2020, William was appointed as the Interim Executive Director for the Robertson Leadership Program.

The attorney has previously worked as CRO for Partner Fund Management and as a general counselor for Tiger’s Management. He graduated from Williams College and later from Lee University School of Law.

3. Tim Goodell 

Tim Goodell pictured in 2018 for Hess Corporation
Source : virginia

Like his older brother, Tim is a laser and serves as the executive vice president and general counsel of Hess Corporation. He had previously worked for over two decades at the “White and Case” law firm.

He graduated from Davidson College with a bachelor’s degree and later earned J.D. from the University of Virginia. He was admitted to New York State Bar in 1985.

4. Michael Goodell 

Michael Goodell pictured at the Up Yoga in Studio City in 2020
Source : instagram

The brother who chose a completely different field from his brother, Michael Goodell, is a Roman Pilates certified instructor. He received the certificate in 2005 and became a teacher trainee in 2015.

He is available on Instagram with the username @pilatescocktails where he posts his training videos and teaches to make the pilates cocktail. He currently works at Trish Garland and previously served as a television executive for 24 years. 

Charlton Goodell Family

Charlton Goodell family has a background in US politics with his grandfather being a senator in the 60s.

Charlton’s grandfather, whom he is named after, was a republican from New York and was highly active in the war protests going on in the 60s for the Vietnam War. But his sons have all gone to make a career in other fields.

Charles Goodell, the US Senator pictured with his spouse and five sons in 60s pictured on Captiol Steps in Washington DC
Source : espn

Charlton’s four uncles, including Roger Goodell, worked his way to the top of the NFL and has been serving as commissioner since 2006. Tim Goodwill and William Goodwill, his other two uncles, are lawyers and have worked in top hedge funds and Fortune 100 companies.

His father, Jeffrey Goodell, is a licensed social worker at Focus Forward, and his mother doesn’t appear much in the public limelight. He has three siblings, including his two sisters, who also have taken a liking for sports. 

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