Enzo Couacaud Family Life Growing Up With Parents In Mauritius

Enzo Couacaud parents Herbert and Catherine Couacaud used to manage luxury hotel lines. Enzo is the youngest of four kids. 

The 27-year-old French-Mauritian tennis star came against the tournament favorite Novak Djokovic in the second round of the Australian Open. Despite a valiant effort, he was knocked out of the tournament and even put up a fight after suffering a painful injury early on in the game.

Barrages of injuries have kept the tennis star from reaching his full potential. Growing up in Mauritius, he was brought up by the former tennis star Herbert Couacaud, who switched to managing luxury hotels after hanging up his tennis racquets. 

Enzo’s brother was also lined up to become a tennis star but opted to live in the island nation when he was offered to play in France, a mistake he told his brother not to repeat.

Enzo Couacaud Father Herbert And Mother Catherine

Enzo Couacaud parents Herbert and Catherine Couacaud raised their son in the beautiful island nation Mauritius. 

Enzo Couacaud began his tennis journey long in the island nation long before he was called to train in France when he was 14 years old. He grew up in a household of tennis fanatics, including his father, Herbert who during his heyday was a star tennis player for Mauritius. 

Like father like son: Enzo and Herbert are pictured getting ready to make the return
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His dad swapped the tennis racquet for a corporate job as he became CEO of the Beachcomber hotel chain in his native land, Mauritius.

Herbert stepped down from his role in 2015 after being actively involved in the hotel business for 40 years. During one point in his tennis career, Herbert was the no.1 ranked Mauritian player.

In his interview with Eurosport in 2021, Herbert revealed even when he was busy managing luxury hotel lines, he would always try to be present during his son’s training sessions. In 2009, the father-son duo was reunited at Roland Garros as they played their respective matches.

Catherine Couacaud looks youthful as she shares a snap on her Facebook handle in 2020
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His mother, Catherine Coucacaud, continues to live an active lifestyle. Though she doesn’t necessarily make a showstopping appearance on tennis courts, she has always been supportive of her youngest son’s endeavors. 

The mother-of-four kids, Catherine is available on Facebook where in the past she has shared a couple of family pictures which even show Herbert in it as the businessman has preferred to remain lowkey since his retirement in 2015. 

Enzo Couacaud Sister

Enzo Couacaud sister Virginie Couacaud worked as Corporate Partnerships Officer in France until 2019.

Virginie Couacaud is a graduate of Sup de Pub, Paris, with a degree in communication and later received her master’s degree from INSEEC, Paris. Prior to working with the organization, Action Against Hunger, Virginie worked as an event manager with Foundation Avec.

Virginie Couacaud looks pretty in her blue dress as she pictured at La Gaulette, Mauritius with her siblings and mother
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Currently, the eldest sister of the tennis player is married and was previously looking to rent their apartment in Paris, France. She is available on Facebook but has limited her public engagement. 

Enzo and Virgine grew up alongside their two brothers, Junior and Oliver. Oliver gave up his tennis dreams but pushed Enzo to become a tennis player and not commit the same mistakes as he did. 

Enzo Couacaud Family

Enzo Couacaud comes from a family with a connection to racquet sports since the days of his dad Herbert Couacaud.

The 26-year-old tennis star grew up in the household of three siblings in Mauritius and is the youngest of the bunch. Enzo’s dad, Herbert Couacaud, is the former CEO of luxury hotel lines and a former tennis player. 

Herbert played his last tennis match in 2009, a rematch with the American tennis player Michel Caro, which he won 6-4, 6-4. His mom, Catherine, continues to live in Mauritius, with Enzo popping up to his homeland now and then during his off-seasons.

Enzo(right) pictured with his brother Olivier in 2015 during a tennis tournament
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Enzo’s brother, Olivier Coauacaud, is a commercial director at the Rhumerie de Chamarel Restaurant & Rum Distillery in Mauritius. The older sibling of Enzo graduated with a master’s degree from Toulouse Business School in Entrepreneurship, Finance and General.

Olivier is married to Tania Couacaud and tied the knot in 2019. The couple welcomed their first child, Nelly Couacaud, on September 18, 2021, with Tanai sharing the photo on her Facebook.

Two of Ezno's brothers, Olivier(left) and Junior(right) live a blissful married life with their partners and have already experienced parenthood
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Junior Coauacaud is the other sibling of Enzo and currently lives in Chamarel, Mauritius, with his better half Marie and their two kids. His sister, Virginie, might have shifted with her siblings to Mauritius after living in Paris for many years last year.

The tennis player is believed to be single, as he has never shared much about his romantic life on his social media sites. Since painfully exiting from the Australian Open, Enzo seems to have returned to Mauritius to recover from his ankle injury.

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