Hornswoggle Son Landon Postl Is A Teenager Now

Hornswoggle son Landon Postl celebrated his 13th birthday on the 30th of December 2022. Landon loves building legos.

Born on the 29th of May 1986, Dylan Mark Postl, raises his child as a single father while running his independent wrestling company “ACW Wisconsin”. Mark Postl has also opened a wrestling school.

Postl began his career in the Fox Valley Wrestling Alliance and made his WWE debut in 2006. He won the Cruiserweight Championship in its first stint. However, WWE released him on the 6th of May 2016.

Following his release, Dylan began fighting in the independent circuit under the ring name Swoggle, and he also made his boxing debut on the 24th of April 2021. He has also influenced his 13-year-old boy to improve his fighting skills. 

Hornswoggle Son Landon Postl Is 13 Years Old

Hornswoggle son Landon Postl turned 13 years old on the 30th of December 2022.

The wrestler got blessed with a baby boy in 2009, and Postl officially became a teenager two days before the New Year 2023. He is a middle schooler who completed his elementary education at Franklin School.

Hornswoggle and Landon at Franklin School in 2021.
Source : instagram

Dylan is a proud father raising his child as a single parent in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The professional wrestler Curt Hawkins also shared in a video that the elder Postl is a great father who does everything for his little man. He further shared that the relationship they share is very inspiring.

The former WWE star took Landon to his New Found Glory show on the 24th of July, 2022. He had waited for the moment since the young man was born, and they even got to meet the artists Jordan Pundik, Ian Grushka, Chad Gilbert, and Cyrus Bolooki.

Landon Joined His Father In The Ring In His Last Match In Green Bay

Hornswoggle shared that his boy watched him fight his last match at Green Bay on the 18th of August, 2015.

Landon went into the ring after the completion of the fight and hugged his dad. The fighter sobbed after hearing his kid say he did a good job and did great. He also shared that it was the best day of his wrestling career. 

Hornswoggle celebrated Christmas 2022 with Landon.
Source : instagram

The young Postl also has got some incredible moves. Landon attacked ‘Dan The Dad’ in the ring while the wrestler knocked down his father. Wrestling With Art shared the moment he fought the big man, and the crowd went crazy when the 13-year-old pulled off a hurricane. 

Hornswoggle And Landon Love Building Legos

Hornswoggle and Landon are very close and they love building legos together.

The duo also makes videos of them creating and solving many collections on YouTube. The elder Postl has 4.22k subscribers on his official YouTube channel.

Landon with the Disney lego set he completed in January 2022.
Source : instagram

Furthermore, one of the best pieces the younger Postl created was the Disney castle he completed on the 3rd of January 2022, of 4,080 pieces. Likewise, he started the most recent project on the 27th of December 2022, solving the 3,955 pieces of Home Alone house. 

The fighter and his little man are goofy around each other, and he often refers to his child as his best friend on social media posts. They have a tradition of going to Walt Disney World in May of every year and having a Mickey bar.

Hornswoggle and Landon spent their 2022 spring break 2022 in Sarasota.
Source : instagram

Furthermore, having an influential father means having sponsors who send PR packages. A clothing brand named RSVLTS often sends t-shirts with beautiful patterns and more stuff to the fighter and his boy. They often flaunt those outfits on Instagram

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