Dave Ildefonso Father Danilo Ildefonso and Family Roots Of Basketball

Dave Ildofenso was born to father Danilo Ildefonso and his mother Sabrina Ildefonso. Danilo is a former Filipino basketball player. 

Dave and his brother Shaun are professional players and have even played multiple games together. The family is from Phillippines. 

Danny shared a picture with their two pets on his Instagram
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Dave was offered to debut for Korean Basketball League in Suwon KT Sonicboom looms. The deal was exciting for him as he also got a chance to represent his country and his family.

Who Is Danilo Ildefonso?

Dave Ildefonso dad Danilo Ildefonso is a former professional basketball player from Phillippines. 

Danilo is now an assistant coach for the Phillippines Basketball Association’s (PBA) team Converge FiberXers and also for NU Bulldogs at the University Athletic Association of Phillippines (UAAP)

As an amateur, Danilo played for the NU Bulldogs from the UAAP and the professional basketball team called AGFA in the Phillippine Basketball League. During those times, Danny has also been a member of the Phillippine Basketball League on different occasions. 

Dave posted a picture with Danilo in 2020.
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Danilo started his career in the PBA back in 1998 after Formula Shell drafted him. Throughout his career, he played for fifteen years with San Miguel Beermen. In 2013, he joined the Marco Bolts team and played till 2014. 

However, he again returned to the same team a year later. 

He officially announced his retirement from basketball on August 23, 2015, and it was the last time he played with Marco Bolts. 

Danny’s life was never easy while growing up. He came from a poor household and was raised on a farm by his parents. He went from being an amateur basketball player from college to being the youngest player ever drafted in the PBA. 

Dave has never failed to show appreciation for his pops. The family is close to each other and they have an excellent bonding.

In father’s day of 2020, Dave posted a picture with his Dave. 

Ildefonso's parents look really proud after watching their son win an award at a Basketball game in 2017
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In the picture, it looked like Danny was teaching some basketball moves to his son. Similarly, Dave also posted a throwback picture in 2013 where Danilo was carrying him. The fans could notice the proud look on his face. 

Dave Ildefonso Mother

Dave Ildefonso mother Sabrina Geroy Ildefonso is quite supportive of her husband and her children. Sabrina never fails to show appreciation toward her family. 

Sabrina is a housewife and she is quite a religious person too. Most of her Instagram posts are captioned with different proverbs from the Bible itself. 

Sabrina is a mother to five children, two boys, and three daughters. Her eldest son, Shaun Ildefonso is 25 years old and her second child Dave is 22 years old. 

Her first daughter, Pia is 20 years old, and finally, her twin daughters, Sam and Sym are 16 years old. 

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Danilo and Sabrina have been together for 26 years and they got married 20 years back. She mentioned in one of her posts that her husband has been a source of inspiration and encouragement to many.

Sabrina is indeed a proud mother and a spouse and she loves to spend quality time with her family. The family celebrates every occasion together and never fails to show gratitude either. 

The kids consider their parents as role models and always show love and support towards them too. During their wedding anniversary in 2018, Dave posted some pictures of his parents and called them his role model as well.

Dave Ildefonso Has Four Siblings

Fave Ildefonso has four siblings. His elder brother Shaun Ildefonso is also an athlete at a National University and plays basketball. 

The siblings’ relationship is quite impressive; they often spend time together. 

Ildefonso's sister also sponsored the brand called Xiaomi
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Dave Ildefonso Brother

Shaun Ildefonso is 25 years old and he also plays basketball. Shaun is an avid basketball player from the National University at Phillippines. 

Shaun has been in a long-term relationship with a girl named Camille and they started dating in the 2020 quarantine. The couple made their relationship official during that time and are pretty serious about each other.

Dave Ildefonso Sisters

Dave has three younger sisters. They are Sophia, Sym, and Samil. 

His sister Sophia is a volleyball player and often time, and she has endorsed a brand called Milo. She is currently 20 years old.

Similarly, his twin sisters Sym and Samil are just 16 years old and still in high school.

Dave Ildefonso Girlfriend

Dave posted about his girlfriend back in 2021 on his Twitter account. He did not tag her account so her identity remains hidden.

Dave shared a picture with his partner on Twitter
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The picture he posted was a selfie of Dave and his partner. The couple was swimming and they clicked a photo together. 

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