Chris Livingston Twin Brother Cordell Livingston Is A Kentucky State Basketball Player

Chris Livingston’s twin brother Cordell plays basketball for Kentucky State as well, and the two have been teammates since they were very young.

While growing up together in Akron, Ohio, the twin brothers were inseparable. Birth twins who were fraternal, the two attended Emmanuel Christian Academy from elementary school through high school and finished their basketball careers at Oak Hill Academy (VA) for their final year.

The Livingston family is returning to STEM High School in Akron, where they first enrolled as freshmen and spent part of their sophomore year before moving to WRA in Hudson in November. Chris is one of the players in the 2022 class, has committed to Kentucky, and has received a consensus rating of five stars.

Quick Facts On Chris Livingston

Name Chris Livingston
Born October 15, 2003
Nationality American
Brother Cordell, Corey, and CJ
Mother Julia Livingston
Sister Cydnee Livingston, and Courtney

Chris Livingston Twin Brother Cordell Livingston Is Also A Kentucky State Basketball Player

Chris Livingston’s twin brother Cordell Livingston plays basketball for the Kentucky Basketball team and they were inseparable growing up together in Akron, Ohio. 

The two attended Emmanuel Christian Academy from elementary school through high school and finished their basketball careers at Oak Hill Academy (VA) for their final year.

But while taking the same steps since they began playing competitive basketball at age five, their journeys were distinct.

 Chris Livingston and Cordell during their childhood
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Chris is 6-foot-6 and weighs 220 pounds, whereas Cordell lacks his twin brother’s physical attributes. Even though he was only 6 feet tall and weighed 175 pounds, he had the skills to physically dominate the game like Chris did in high school but lacked the build. Instead, at Buchtel and Oak Hill, he was the supporting actor and his brother was the star.

Blue-chip recruiting ranking sent Chris to Kentucky, where he is regarded as a freshman with immediate impact and very legitimate NBA aspirations. Cordell won’t be far away, though, as he always has been, as his skill and diligence earned him a position on the Division II Kentucky State basketball team.

More About Chris Livingston Family

Chris Livingston was raised by his mother Julia Livingston and has a very well-knit family. He also has a good relationship with those in his social circle.

He has always had a tight relationship with his grandparents as well as his siblings Cordell and Cydnee, who are from Akron, Ohio, where he was born and raised.

 Chris Livingston  is very close to his family
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His grandma introduced him to basketball and encouraged him to participate in sports; she was a great help to me. Not only being a grandfather, but being involved in training, making friends inside the AAU, and assisting him and his brother in progressing since they were little children entering middle school and heading into high school.

He changed schools to Western Reserve Academy in Hudson, Ohio, for his second year. Livingston finished his season with 50 points, 20 rebounds, 8 steals, and 5 blocks in a 76-65 victory over Bristol High School when his family was present to cheer him on.

In Belém, Brazil, for the 2019 FIBA Under-16 Americas Championship, Livingston represented the United States. His family is there to support him as he leads his team to the gold medal, scoring 23 points, pulling down six rebounds, and dishing out two assists against Canada in the championship game.

Chris Livingston Having Twin Brother Cordell Nearby Is A Helpful Mental Boost

Prior to the 2021–22 season, both Chris and Cordell moved to Oak Hill, and having their brother there has helped Cordell perform better.

When facing difficulties in life, the brothers have always been able to rely on one another. Even though they won’t be living in the same home longer, they should have no trouble remaining close.

The two will be away from one another for the longest time ever this summer. On July 1, Cordell doesn’t show up on the Kentucky State campus.

 Chris Livingston has been a support system for his brother
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This fall, Cordell Livingston, his identical twin, will begin his first season of collegiate basketball in the Bluegrass State, though with a different kind of opposition. Approximately 30 minutes away from the UK campus in Frankfort, Kentucky State, a Division II school, accepted Cordell’s commitment to play basketball.

Livingston emphasized the significance of being close to Cordell. Growing up with someone who you played basketball with and who you attended school with every day is something that you definitely have to get used to. Chris stated in an interview that although it takes time, I believe we’ll be okay.

Some FAQs

In which team Chris Livingston plays for?

Chris Livingston plays for Kentucky Wildcats men’s basketball and is a all star player for them.

Who is Chris Livingston mother?

Chris Livingston mother is Julia Livingston who has always been a support system for his son.

Does Chris Livingston have a twin brother?

Chris Livingston has a twin brother, Cordell, who has been his high school basketball teammate at Oak Hill Academy, Buchtel, and Western Reserve Academy.

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