Naomi Osaka’s Baby Father Cordae Amari Dunston Parents Lived In Different States

Cordae Amari Dunston parents lived separately when the rapper was growing up in North Carolina. Cordae was raised by a single mother.

The American rapper whose career took off in 2018, didn’t have the best childhood. His father was mostly absent in his formative years and was in and out of prison. 

Tennis and rap fans were equally shocked in 2019 when they heard that Cordae was dating the tennis star, Naomi Osaka, but interviews which came after showed why the pair had fallen for each other despite coming from contrasting backgrounds. 

On January 9, 2023, it was reported that the two-time Australian Open champion had withdrawn from this year’s competition but no reason was given. So it came as a surprise when Osaka took to her Instagram handle on January 11 to announce that she was expecting her first child with Cordae. 

Cordae Parents Divorced When He Was Three Years Old

Cordae parents were separated by the time he turned three. 

The Grammy-nominated artist was born to his mother when she was 16 and had just completed high school. His mom never enrolled in college and raised Cordae and his brother, Simba, as a single mom.

The American rapper grew up in Rolly, North Carolina, in a household that consisted of his mom and grandmother. In his interview with hardknocktv in 2018, the musician gave some details about his early childhood.

Cordae talked about his early childhood with the YouTube channel hardknocktv in 2018
Source : youtube

Cordae didn’t grow up in the best neighborhood in North Carolina and later moved to South Carolina before shifting to Maryland, where he lived most of his life. 

At one point, his father had to serve jail time, a detail he mentioned when talking about how he could’ve been the first one from his family to graduate from college. Cordae’s dad received his GED from jail, and that was most of his education.

It was through his father and stepfather that Cordaw was influenced to listen to rap music. The two were big fans of NAS and Jay-Z, the two artists Cordae idolizes. He and his mom had moved to South Carolina to live with their stepdad for a while.

Cordae clikcs a photo with the wrestler and actor John Cena in 2022
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In early 2022, Cordae, in a tweet, joked how he had no idea that his dad was “white” and disappeared on him since the beginning. The rapper wrote the funny caption when he met the American wrestler-turned-actor John Cena at one of the events. 

Cordae’s life changed for the better when he shifted to Maryland as his mother got a good government job. The job required them to move around Maryland, but they ended up living in better neighborhoods at that time. 

The rapper said his mum wasn’t fuming when he informed her he would be dropping from college to pursue rap. The Super hitmaker said his mum was understanding about his career shift. 

Cordae Family

Cordae was one of the first in his family to be involved in music. 

The native of North Carolina was exposed to hip-hop and rap scenes by his dad, who was mostly away from his life. Cordae started rapping at the young age of five, and by the time he turned ten, he had started writing raps. 

Raised by his grandmother till he moved to South Carolina when he was three, and she would make him butter biscuits from scratch. The family later shifted to South Carolina for a couple of years, where he lived with his stepdad before moving to Maryland when he was five.

The talented rapper also has a younger brother named Simba, who is serving jail time for 24 years. In an interview with Nardwuar in 2019, Cordae revealed that his uncle owned a basketball league in Rolly, North Carolina, where he played hoops with the famous artist, J-Cole.

Naomi Osaka shared the news on her Instagram handle with millions of her fans that she was expecting her first child with Cordae, her boyfriend of three years
Source : instagram

Cordae met the tennis star Naomi Osaka in 2019. The pair were first spotted together at the L.A. Clippers game, and things seemingly took off. The rapper didn’t know much about tennis before he met Naomi. The most he knew about tennis was Serena and Venus Williams.

The duo has supported each other’s careers, with Cordae always making time to attend Naomi’s games and Naomi posting sweet tributes to her partner repeatedly. 

When the duo first revealed that they were dating, most of their fans were shocked. But, over the years, many have started to root for them. With Naomi expecting the couple’s first child, things are looking exciting for the two. 

Cordae Brother Is A Former Rapper

Cordae grew up in Maryland with his brother Simba who is a former rapper. 

It was Simba whose career first took off and gained attention from the locals. Though he was talented, Simba wasn’t with the right mix of people. If his older brother was busy getting good grades in school, Simba was messing in the streets. 

Simba was only 18 when he was first handed jail time. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison in 2018 for a case of armed robbery. He also had a case for first-degree murder but was found to be not guilty.

In the opening monologue of Cordae’s latest album, the two brothers are heard rhyming over the phone. The brothers dropped music while in high school such as songs like Tough Decisions.

Simba gained notoriety from his songs, Walked In, 500 bars and 500 bars Part 2. What could’ve been a promising career is now up in flames. There’s always a chance for him to restart his life after he serves his sentence. But till then it will only be one Dunston brother we will be hearing from. 

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