Tommy Tremble Girlfriend Hope DeShazer Was A Cheerleader At Notre Dame

Tommy Tremble girlfriend Hope DeShazer is a Public Relations Coordinator at the Influence. Hope and Tommy started dating in 2021. 

Hope is an alumna of the University of Notre Dame and a former model. At Notre Dame, she was a cheerleader cheering on her boyfriend Tommy with her tight-knit team at many stadiums. 

Before dating Hope, Tommy has never posted about his previous relationships. He seems to be in love with this beautiful model. 

He is an NFL player drafted by the Carolina Panthers in 2021. He is currently on a four-year contract with the Panthers after signing it in July 2022. Tremble previously played at Notre Dame.

Tommy Tremble Met Hope DeShazer At Notre Dame

Tommy Tremble girlfriend Hope DeShazer is a University of Notre Dame graduate with a degree in Psychology.

Hope was a student at St. Marys College before she transferred to Notre Dame during her last two years. There she joined the cheerleading squad and met her boyfriend, Tommy.

DeShazer is also an avid travel lover. In 2019, she went to the Sahara Desert with her parents and rode on a camel. Before that, she was in Croatia, visiting Split and Dubrovnik. 

Hope shared a picture of her and her brother in Utah
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In August 2022, Hope was in Positano, Italy, and she shared some pictures from her vacation. Her travel is not limited to international destinations. In the United States as well, she has explored multiple states. In the winter of 2020, Hope went snowmobiling in Park City, Utah, with her younger brother Mitch. 

Hope is originally from Texas and was working and pursuing her college degree simultaneously. Her first job was a year-long contract as a model for a brand called Varsity Spirit in 2015. She eventually became the brand ambassador.

Hope also worked at Texas Lonestar Cheer in her home state for almost four years. She was a sports coach and a receptionist. Her coordination made the cheerleading team compete at the national level four times annually.

Hope DeShazer (middle) with her cheerleading squad at the Notre Dame Stadium
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Before moving to the Influence, DeShazer worked as a model for almost five years in the Rebel Athletic brand. She worked for different brands and was featured in many commercials.

DeShazer currently works as a Public Relations Coordinator at The Influence.

Her full name is Hope Madison DeShazer, and she has 17.6K followers on her Instagram. She is also on LinkedIn, where her professional and academic experiences can be seen.  

Tommy Tremble and Hope DeShazer Relationship

Tommy Tremble and Hope DeShazer made their relationship public on Instagram on December 5, 2021.

Hope and Tremble met at Notre Dame, where he was a football player, and she was a cheerleader. 

The couple does not post much about each other, and it seems they are trying to stay lowkey. Since both work in different states at times, Tommy and Hope have a long-distance relationship. 

Around August 2021, Hope surprised her boyfriend for the first time at one of his football games. The video was quite cute and was reposted by an account named sideactionhq on Instagram. 

Tommy Tremble and Hope Madison at her graduation ceremony from the University of Notre Dame.
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Around March 2022, the couple was in Miami, and Hope shared some pictures on Instagram. Tommy was also there at his partner’s graduation back in May 2022. 

Tommy does not post much about his relationship; the first picture he posted with Hope was back in December 2021. It was a mirror selfie of them together. Since then, he has not posted about them at all. 

The young couple seems to be really in love. Even though they don’t post much about each other, they are supportive and spend time with each other whenever they have a chance. 

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