Drue Tranquill Esteems Wife Jackie Tranquill and Fun Family Memories

Drue Tranquill wife Jackie Tranquill is a health instructor at Saint Joseph Mishawaka Medical Center. Drue and Jackie were high school sweethearts. 

They moved to California after they got married in 2018. 

Drue's daughter and spouse came to watch a game with him at Notre Dame in 2019
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Tranquill is an NFL Linebacker for Los Angeles Chargers. He was selected in the fourth round of the 2019 NFL Draft.

Before that, Drue used to play college football at the University of Notre Dame. Initially, he was a part of Purdue University but switched to The Fighting Irish when he received a better offer.

Who Is Jackie Tranquill?

Jackie Tranquille has been working in dietary and nutrition since 2016. 

She is an alumna of Purdue University in Indiana where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Dietetics. She is originally from Tennessee but later on, she moved to the state.

Jackie has years of experience working in the healthcare industry. While she was a student at Purdue, she worked as a Dietetic Intern at the US Department of Veterans Affairs from May to August 2016. 

Jackie went to support her husband Drue at his last homegame at Sofi Stadium in 2022
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She even moved abroad to study, and while there, she again worked as a Dietetic Intern at the King’s College Hospital NHS in London. She worked there only for a few months in 2017 before she moved back to the United States. 

After graduating in 2018, Jackie started working as a Health and Wellness Educator at the St. Joseph Mishawaka Medical Center and is still a part of it. 

Drue and Jackie Tranquill Married Life

Drue and Jackie Tranquill married at the Broadway Christian Church back in 2018. They have been together since they were teenagers. 

They are initially from Tenessee and met each other in their junior year.

Drue and Jackie dated for 5 years before they decided to marry each other
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They moved to Europe to study and that was when Drue gave his girlfriend the best surprise. While in Iceland, Drue proposed to his long-term girlfriend in front of a beautiful lighthouse. 

When it came to their special day, the couple married traditionally at a church with their friends and family. In one of the interviews, Jackie mentioned that she is a classic Southern girl and wanted the wedding to be simple yet elegant.

Her faith was essential to her so having a ceremony at the church was the first choice too. 

After their wedding day, both of them posted many pictures. Drue even cried when he saw his bride walking down the aisle and called it the most precious moment of his life. 


Their reception was held at the Barn and was decorated so the bride and groom’s Southern side would come out. The couple is going on strong and has even started a family together.

Drue Tranquill Has Three Children

Drue Tranquill and his partner have three children.

The children never miss his regular matches and were present during the wildcard weekend against the red-hot Jaguars.

Drue Tranquill Kids

Drue and Jackie welcomed their first child, Elijah in May 2019.

On Father’s Day in 2019, Drue posted a family picture with his son and mentioned that fatherhood had been the most significant honor of his life. 

Drue Tranquill celebrated Christmas with his partner and children in 2022
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Similarly, the couple has two girls too. They welcomed their first daughter in April 2021 and named her Anna. They had their second girl Mackenzie in November 2022. 

At times, Jackie and the children have joined to watch their father’s football game to support him. 

Similarly, after their second kid was born, the family vacationed in Cabo San Lucas in California and called the trip magical. 

Drue Tranquill Parents

Drue Tranquill’s parents raised him as one of four kids. His mother Shannon is a professional nurse practitioner. 

His mom got her Masters’s degree from Ball State University. Drue even made an appreciation post towards her mother and was there at the time of her graduation. 

In 2014, he posted a family picture with his mom and siblings and mentioned in the caption that he couldn’t wait to make her proud. 

Drue is equally respectful towards his father. On Father’s Day in 2020, he posted a picture with his parents and mentioned that he loves his father’s consistency towards everything and wants to be an incredible leader like him. 

Drue's mother shared a family photograph on her Facebook back in 2016
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The Tranquill Siblings

Drue was raised with three other siblings. He has one sister and two brothers.

He posted a picture with his brother Justin in 2018 on his birthday.

The brothers don’t have a considerable age gap and are more like best friends. His two other siblings, Jack and Sarakate do not have a huge age difference either.

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