TikTok Star Dana Alotaibi Murder as Boyfriend Bryant Tejeda-Castillo Arrested

Dana Alotaibi, a TikTok star who was 13 weeks pregnant, has been reportedly killed by his husband Bryant Tejeda-Castillo at the side of Honolulu road during a furious argument.

An active duty Marine is suspected of killing his expectant wife after a fight on a highway in Hawaii, according to Honolulu Police. According to KITV4, Alotaibi was reportedly three months pregnant at the time of her murder.

On July 20, witnesses allegedly saw a Marine by the name of Bryant Tejeda-Castillo stand over Dana Alotaibi, 27, and stab her before the Marine escaped into a nearby forested area.

After the horrific incident, Virginia native Alotaibi was declared dead at a hospital in Hawaii. She allegedly posted videos on YouTube and other social media sites chronicling the allegedly abusive relationship.

TikTok: Dana Alotaibi Murder as Boyfriend Bryant Tejeda-Castillo Arrested

Bryant Tejada-Castillo, a US Marine, has been reportedly arrested as he is accused of fatally stabbing his pregnant wife, Dana Alotaibi 27, on the side of a busy highway in Honolulu, Hawaii, as onlookers tried to stop the horrific murder.

Dana died from numerous neck stab wounds while 13 weeks pregnant. While Tejeda-Castillo apparently retreated into the woods, witnesses reportedly intervened and made an effort to assist Alotaibi.

Before the incident, during which 29-year-old Tejeda-Castillo is accused of repeatedly stabbing 27-year-old Alotaibi, the pair is said to have been fighting.

Natalia Cespedes, the mother of Alotaibi, told Hawaii News Now that her daughter had been subjected to abuse by Tejeda-Castillo, who was stationed on the island of Oahu and had been able to obtain the military’s equivalent of a restraining order against him.

Bryant Tejeda-Castillo Charges Explained

Bryant Tejeda-Castillo, a Marine stationed in Kaneohe, Hawaii, has been charged with second-degree murder in the death of his pregnant wife, Dana Alotaibi. He’s accused of stabbing to death on the side of a busy Honolulu highway.

According to The Daily Mail, Tejeda-Castillo, a Marine with the 3rd Littoral Combat Team, has a $1 million bail. He is currently being held in a hospital after allegedly cutting himself when contacted by authorities.

Deena Thoemmes, murder lieutenant of the Honolulu Police Department’s criminal investigation section, stated at a press conference that during the horrifying incident on Wednesday, witnesses “saw a male standing over a girl, stabbing her multiple times.”

Dana Alotaibi Hawaii Husband And Family Facts

Dana Alotaibi and her husband Bryant Tejeda-Castillo had been married for almost three years, according to court records, but the suspect filed for divorce in November; the divorce was eventually granted by a judge in June, according to KITV News.

Alotaibi allegedly posted on social media about some of the ups and downs of the troubled marriage. She was taken emergency care and eventually passed away from her wounds at a neighboring hospital.

All the arrangements were made for Alotaibi to return to Virginia, where her mother Natalia Cespedes still resides when she became pregnant, Cespedes told KITV. Alotaibi had intended to “create her life, live with her child” there.

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