Where Is Dave Kroupa Today? Shanna Golyar Case Update On Cari Farver Murderer

Dave Kroupa was in a relationship with Shanna Liz Golyar from Nebraska. Shanna was looking to take their relationship to the next level, while Dave merely intended to be physical with her without any long-term goals.

However, despite Liz’s best efforts, Dave found Cari Lea Farver and ended their relationship. Cari Farver, a local of Omaha, Nebraska, had a love relationship with Dave Kroupa.

According to reports, Cari Farver disappeared from Dave Kroupa’s home on November 13, 2012. Years later, detectives learned that she had allegedly been murdered by Shanna “Liz” Golyar, who had previously dated Kroupa.

Dave stood by the cops when Shanna Golyar murdered Cari Farver. Kroupa decided to sign up for a couple of online dating sites and partake in light-hearted, non-committal relationships.

20/20: Where Is Dave Kroupa Today?

Dave Kroupa is currently employed as an independent business owner in the Omaha Metropolitan Area. Dave seems to like to stay away from the media as there is no information about him.


Even on social media sites, he doesn’t have a public profile. Early in his dating career, Dave met Shanna “Liz” Golyar, and the two fell in love and were together for a few months.

He met Cari Farver after his relationship with Shanna ended. The narrative then delves into a trio of love flings between Dave, Cari, and Shanna Golyar.

Cari Farver and Kroupa met when she brought her car in for service. As they talked about her car, Kroupa claimed that sparks were flying between them.

She had left some of her possessions behind, but her car was no longer there. Cari texted her mother from her phone shortly after breaking up with Dave to inform her that she was leaving her life behind to start over in Kansas.

After a trial in 2017, Shanna was taken into custody for killing Cari. For killing her ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend Cari in 2012, Shanna is presently being held in custody at Nebraska Correctional Center.

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Shanna Golyar Murder Case On Cari Farver

Shanna Golyar killed Cari Farver, who was Dave Kroupa’s girlfriend. Dave had relationships with both women, but Cari was last seen on November 13, 2012. After being killed by Shanna, she disappeared for a long time.


Shanna frequently pretended to be the dead victim after Cari vanished in order to divert attention from her during the inquiry by the police.

Additionally, the prosecution said that Liz had been using Cari’s identity online for years to allay any concerns when she was put on trial for killing Cari in 2017. Dave offered to testify. After being abducted in 2015, Cari was fatally stabbed 24 hours later.

When a new team assumed responsibility for Cari’s case in 2015, they inquired about Liz and Dave’s comfort level with having the information of their phones downloaded. Shanna shared a particularly lengthy Facebook post under Cari’s profile in May 2013. 

Despite the fact that nothing significant was found on Dave’s phone, detectives found a picture of Cari’s car on Liz’s phone that had been taken a month before the police were aware it existed.

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