Who Is Twitch Streamer dereknlmb? Face Reveal And Earnings Of The Internet Influencer

Dereknlmb is a popular Twitch Streamer who frequently uploads gaming videos on his channel.

Dereknlmb is a Twitch streamer who mainly streams GTA V. His channel is based on gaming content.

This Streamer is a legend when it comes to playing GTA online. Every fan who plays GTA V mostly loves the streaming video he uploads on his channel.

Derek’s Character in GTA is Unpredictable, and he plays both good and evil characters. Asides from that, it is fun to listen to his game commentary.

In this article, let’s learn about Dereknlmb’s Age, Identity, and net worth.

Did Twitch Streamer Dereknlmb Reveal His Face?

Twitch Streamer, famous for the name Dereknlmb has kept his identity mystery from his fans and following. However, the Streamer knows well how to lure his followers.


Dereknlmb has not given a single clue about his household details and private information. His fans on Twitch have asked many times for his Bio. But it seems the Streamer is not ready to reveal his identity.

For now, his name remains anonymous in front of his viewers and subscribers. Even without disclosing his identity, he knows well to attract his viewers. 

Furthermore, we assume his first name is Derek, but the last four letters do not make sense. We all are eagerly waiting for his full name.

Moreover, In his twitch account, he has already gained 602k followers. Almost all of his content is uploaded related to GTA V.

Twitch Streamer Dereknlmb Age: How Old Is He?

Dereknlmb appears to be age between 20 to 30 years old.

However, there are no images of him on the internet. We watched his Twitch videos and listened to his voice.

His voice resembles that he belongs in his early 20s. Likewise, most GTA players fall in love with the age mentioned above.

There are no images of Derek on the websites, so it was hard for us to know his height and weight. He has yet to reveal his face as of 2022. We assume the Streamer to be a grown man.

Moreover, the Streamer has kept his personal information private from the internet and his viewers. Hiding his face and streaming the Game has become one of his popular content on his channel.

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How Much Is Twitch Streamer Dereknlmb Earning?

Twitch Streamer Dereknlmb, who uploads GTA V streaming videos on social media, has not revealed his actual net worth.

As per the source quora, it takes around $5 on Twitch to subscribe to someone. Derek has 247000 subscribers on his channel. You can imagine how much money the Streamer makes via his Twitch Channel.

Furthermore, Dereknlmb has uploaded his gaming video on his Youtube channel. He can be found on the Youtube channel with the name Derek. He uploaded his first video four years ago as of 2022.

The Streamer has 129k subscribers as of August 10, 2022. He might be earning a good net worth from his youtube channel. He has uploaded almost 100 videos on his track.

Moreover, Derek’s primary source of income came from his Twitch account. 

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