Who Is Alina Habba? What We Know About The Trump Attorney

The attention has been increasing over the past several months on Alina Habba, the solicitor for former US president Donald Trump. 

Habba, a lawyer for Trump, spoke out against the FBI’s tactics on Fox News on Tuesday night, suggesting that there may have been documents planted. “At this point, who knows? I don’t trust the government, and that’s frightening as an American, ” she said.

Trump’s attorneys speculated that something more nefarious might be happening when word spread that the FBI had collected ten boxes of evidence during their investigation of former President Mar-A-Lago’s estate following their search order.

Alina Habba Is The Famous Managing Partner of Habba Madaio & Associates LLP

That day is not far away when Alina Habba will have her own Wikipedia bio page. Currently, Habba serves as the managing partner of Habba Madaio & Associates LLP. 

Before launching the company, she worked as the Managing Associate of a mid-sized company that provided services to a Fortress subsidiary. She effectively spread the company’s operations throughout Northeast Asia for seven years.

Besides, the American journalist and newscaster also work as a senior business analyst for NBC Television. She has a sizable following on social media platforms like Instagram. She oversees the company’s business, financial, and human resource concerns.

Moreover, Habba, a lawyer for Donald Trump who has defended Trump in several cases, stated that she intended to use a provision designed to shield citizens from baseless litigation by influential persons to quell criticism.

In addition, Alina has been the primary attorney in several notable cases that made the headlines, such as a federal class action lawsuit against a nursing facility in New Jersey that was charged with multiple negligent conduct and breaches of consumer fraud.


Is Alina Habba Married? American Attorney Husband And Children Details

Yes, the famous American attorney Alina Habba has been married for some time now, and her husband is Mattew Eyet. They had a very wonderful wedding ceremony.

Mattew, her spouse, is a lawyer who works at a corporate firm and handles clients’ business cases. On a daily basis, he deals with lots of customers.

On the other hand, the lawyer couple is blessed with two children; a son and a daughter. But they have yet to reveal their names and identities online.

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Alina Habba Nationality, Is She All-American?

As a result of her birth and upbringing in America, Alina Habba possesses American nationality. Born in the United States on November 30, 1983, the 38-year-old attorney follows Christianity as her primary religion.

Her birth sign is Sagittarius, but her ethnic race is unknown. Habba attended Harvard Business School before joining Widener University School of Law to complete her law degree. 

In addition to being a current member of the New Jersey State Bar Association’s Equity Jurisprudence Committee and Insurance Defense Committee, Habba has been a vibrant fellow of the New Jersey Bar Association for many years.


As a lawyer, Habba herself has faced multiple legal actions against her. She is infamously known for gross and unhealthy behavior. She got people’s attention after she said, “why can’t white people say the N-word.”

In June, her former legal assistant filed a lawsuit against her for fostering a vicious work atmosphere in her New Jersey law firm.

A Black woman named Na’syia Drayton, who most recently served as a legal assistant at Habba Madaio & Associates, made a claim in a complaint alleging discrimination.

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