Who Was Dr Dirk Greineder Wife Mabel Greineder? Husband Found Guilty Of Killing His Wife And Charges Explained

Dr. Dirk Greineder’s wife, Mabel Greineder, was brutally murdered on Halloween 1999. 

Mabel Greineder was having a usual morning walk when she was attacked and killed around 23 years ago. The murder was a riddle to her known ones and the investigating team after she suddenly lost her life. 

During the time, her husband, Dr. Dirk Greineder, faced the charges of her murder, regardless of claiming his innocence. What happened next left everyone in shock with the case update. 

Investigation Discovery covered the case in the episode “Married With Secrets: Cold Blue Blood.” Learn more about the tragedy where an innocent woman lost her life.

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Dr. Dirk Greineder Wife Mabel Greineder Murder Case 

Dr. Dirk Greineder’s wife, Mabel Greineder, was a nurse who had been married to her doctor husband for around three decades. Her life was usual with a beautiful family until she viciously got murdered. 

She shared a son and two daughters with her long-term partner in her married life. It all started on 31 October 1999, when Mabel got attacked in the morning.

Her husband, Dirk, at the time reported the incident to 911 about his wife getting attacked. The victim was 58 years of age when she left the world. 

The officers found the victim with her slashed throat and stabbing wound on the chest. Also, following the report, the couple were with their family dog nearby the home around Morse’s Pond area. 

Upon inspection, he told the police team that his wife hurt her back during the walk and asked him to go further with their dog. He also claimed that the dog returned to his wife after a while. 

He also left a statement that she was hurt and bleeding while finding her and went to ask for help. The investigation team found crime evidence of some latex gloves, lighter fluid, hammer, knife, and Zip Lock bags. 

Where Is The Killer Dr. Dirk Greineder Now?

The jury found Dr. Dirk Greineder guilty of the first-degree murder of his wife, Mabel. He continued to maintain his innocence even after getting a jail sentence. 

He now works on prison reform with his children. Following the records, Dirk seems to be imprisoned at the Massachusetts Correctional Institution in Norfolk County at Norfolk. 

The court convicted him of murder in June 2001, around a year after the murder. He was 60 years of age at that time when he faced a jail sentence with no parole. 

More On Dr. Dirk Greineder Arrest And Charges

Dr. Dirk Greineder was arrested with first-degree murder charges after the jury found him guilty. The DNA analysis revealed that the gloves and knife at the crime scenes matched his. 

Further, upon thorough investigation, the police officer found him registering for a hammer in the store. On top of that, the team found a receipt for the nails purchased from a local hardware store. 

Moreover, he also admitted to having an extramarital affair when he remained married to his wife. 

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