Who Is Dr Harvey Risch From Yale? His Take On Covid Vax Fraud Scandal

 Dr. Harvey Risch is a Professor of Epidemiology in the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at the Yale School of Public Health and Yale School of Medicine. Let’s explore his Wikipedia bio in this article.

The American professor has given some controversial statements regarding the treatments of Covid-19, that sparked a lot of debate on social media as well as among scientists and bureaucrats.

Risch, who completed his M.D from the University of California San Diego, is one of the leading medical personalities in the United States of America. However, his comments on the Covid-19 didn’t get along with the government and other scientists.

The Yale Professor has performed his research in various fields like cancer etiology, prevention and early diagnosis, and epidemiologic methods. Besides, he also worked on the effects of reproductive factors, diet, genetic predisposition, histopathologic factors, etc., in cancer etiology.

Yale: Who Is Dr. Harvey Risch? Wikipedia And Take On Covid Vax Fraud Scandal

Dr. Harvey Risch is a renowned medical expert, who currently serves as a professor at Yale University. However, his bio is yet to get featured on the official Wikipedia page.

Apart from this, he is  Associate Editor of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Editor of the International Journal of Cancer, and was for six years a Member of the Board of Editors, of the American Journal of Epidemiology.

During the pandemic, he faced harsh criticism for promoting the use of hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19, which has no scientific proof, and even the EUA prohibited it.

The Yale professor again sparked controversy after he claimed that the Covid-19 vaccine cannot recover patients fully. He stated that the patients who have recovered naturally will have more immunity power against Covid-19, and they will not get affected by the disease again.

Dr. Harvey Risch Net Worth: How Rich Is He?

Dr. Harvey Risch’s net worth is still under review.


Being a senior professor at a private university, Dr. Risch undoubtedly gets a huge salary. In addition, he has published over 400 journals and research papers, which have earned him a significant sum of money.

Similarly, another source of income for Dr. Risch is the fund that he receives for his research. Furthermore, he serves at various medical institutes and media journals.

Dr. Harvey Risch’s Wife: Is He Married?

Dr. Harvey Risch has never mentioned his wife and family in the public or in the media.

However, the Yale professor seems to be a married man. If we find any crucial information regarding his family, we will let you know. Stick with us for the latest news. 

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