England’s Ellen White Lesbian Rumors Debunked, Striker Married Life And Family Facts

Ellen White is n English professional soccer player born in Aylesbury, United Kingdom, on the 9th of May 1989 to Jon White.

White, who plays for Manchester City and the England national team as a forwarder, has competed in FIFA Women’s World Cup tournaments in 2011, 2015, and 2019. Likewise, the athlete represented the Great Britain team at the 2012 and 2020 Summer Olympics.

Is Ellen White Lesbian? 

Ellen White is not a lesbian and is not married to a wife but has a husband. Although rumors regarding the footballer belonging to the LGBTQ+ has surrounded her on the internet, she appears to be heterosexual, not homosexual.


The athlete has shared many posts with her life partner on her social media platforms that have made people aware of her being straight. Moreover, she doesn’t even have to prove that she is straight after sharing the lovely pictures with her significant other. Furthermore, she never came out about being a lesbian or gay, so the rumors are baseless. 

England’s Ellen White Is Married To Callum Convery

White is a married woman, and she tied the knot with her husband, Callum Convery. The stunning couple walked down the aisle and took the wedding vows in 2014.

Ellen and Callum raise a toast to celebrate their wedding anniversary on the 28th of November every passing year, and they have been happily married for almost eight years.

However, Convery doesn’t seem to be active on social networking sites as she hasn’t tagged him on the posts she has made with him. Moreover, the pair seem to prefer living in their moment and not exposing much of their private life details on social media.

So we are unsure what the athlete’s better half does for a living as she hasn’t revealed those details. Even so, the pair regularly attend West Ham United matches as they are fans of the football club. 

Does Ellen White And Callum Convery Have Children?

Ellen has been having a tremendous athletic career as of the date, so she might not have emphasized starting a family but might have plans to have kids in the future.

The athlete hasn’t shared any pictures of her children, so we presume she hasn’t been a mother yet. But she will make a good mom as she occasionally posts photos and videos with her nieces, and they seem to get along well.

In contrast, White might have given birth to a beautiful soul as she is 33 years old but is keeping the little one a secret from the public eye to protect their privacy, which only the footballer and her family know about. Hopefully, she will reveal the news to the followers is she has kids of her own through her social networking sites to keep them updated on her lifestyle beyond soccer.

Ellen White Family Life In A Nutshell

White has a loving family, but she prefers not to expose many details about her loved ones on the internet; she often shares her achievements on her social media rather than her private life details. 

Born to a father who ran a soccer academy Mini Dux in Aylesbury, she was introduced to football in her childhood and played for Aylesbury Town at age eight before being spotted by Arsenal scouts. Thus, she seems to have supportive parents who always had her back.

However, Ellen hasn’t revealed if she is the only child or has siblings. But, considering her social media posts, she appears to have a brother whose name and identity have remained a mystery. She once made a post to wish her sister-in-law a happy birthday on the 31st of January 2018, and she often shares pictures of her nieces, whom she loves and adores.

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