Where Is Erika Wulff Jones Now? What To Know About The Alex Jones Wife

Alex Jones is a well-known alt-right and far-right conspiracy theorist in the United States. He features The Alex Jones Show from Austin, Texas, syndicated across the country and online by the Genesis Communications Network.

Erika Wulff-Jones, Alex Jones’ wife, is a yoga instructor who founded and has been running New Order Yoga since May 2012.

Her studio emphasizes personalized learning for all who enter, combining traditional and “radically new techniques.”

Photos: Where Is Erika Wulff Jones Now?

Erika Wulff Jones was charged with domestic violence on December 24, 2021, in Austin, Texas. She was charged with misdemeanor assault, causing bodily harm to a family member, and resisting arrest, search, or transport.


At the time, it was unknown who she had allegedly assaulted. After Erika’s arrest, Alex told the Associated Press, “It’s a private family matter that happened on Christmas Eve.” “I love and care for my wife, and there appears to be a medication imbalance.”

Erika spent Christmas in jail that year as a result of these charges. The next day, she was released on a $3K bond for the two charges.

According to a police record provided by The Daily Beast, Erika was charged with domestic violence after hitting Alex more than 20 times. She allegedly attacked him again with a stone object after that.

Alex called the cops and said his wife was going to hit him with a “polished club in her hand.” Furthermore, the affidavit stated that Erika hit Alex with empty hands and open palms.

All of this is said to have begun when she accused him of cheating on her. Erika also smelled like alcohol, according to one of the officers on the scene.

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Alex Jones Net Worth: How Rich Is He?

Alex Jones has an estimated net worth of $40 million according to Celebritynetworth.


Alex received $18 million in dividend payments and income from Free Speech Systems LLC between 2018 and 2021. Jones’ consortium of companies produced $76 million in gross revenue in 2019, with most of its merchandise sales accounting for the majority.

Jones and his companies were found responsible for defamation in a lawsuit filed by several Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims in November 2021.

Three companies associated with Jones filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in April 2022. The three businesses claimed to have spent $10 million in legal fees fighting his Sandy Hook defamation cases at the time of the filing.

Alex Jones And Erika Wulff Jones Has One Child Together

Alex and Erika are the parents of one child. On the other hand, Alex has three children from a previous marriage.


He was married to Kelly Rebecca Nichols. Rebecca is an animal rights activist, and the couple married in 2007 but divorced in 2015.

Alex and Kelly are still arguing about custody. According to The Sun, Kelly wants sole custody because she does not believe Alex is “stable.”

And now that his lawyer appears to have accidentally released two years’ worth of information from his phone in these current legal issues, Alex believes she will use it against him with his children.

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