Everton: Is Toni Duggan Married? Partner and Net Worth 2022

Toni Duggan, an English professional football player, is engaged with a partner. The pair have been together for a few years and are finally planning their wedding.

She currently represents the English team Everton in the Women’s Super League. A couple of days ago, Duggan announced her pregnancy through her Twitter and Instagram accounts. She said she is expecting this baby with her boyfriend Toni, as they are so happy and cannot wait to see the baby. 

Everton Women Football club’s official Twitter page also congratulated Toni through a tweet “Toni Duggan has confirmed the happy news that she is pregnant. Everton’s medical staff will support Toni in the coming months as she continues light training.”

Duggan rejoined her childhood club, Everton, back in July 2021 on a two-year deal from Atlético Madrid. She first left Everton in 2013 to join Manchester City and later played for Spanish giant FC Barcelona Femení in 2017. The winger played a vital role in Barcelona’s 2019 UEFA Women’s Champions League run, where they reached the final but lost to Olympique Lyon.

Quick Facts About Toni Duggan

Full Name Toni Duggan
Age 31
Partner Tony
Married Status Not married
Mother Joanne Duggan
Net Worth $2.5 million
Height 5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
Profession English football player
Position Winger or Striker
Current Team Everton

Toni Duggan returned to her childhood club Everton in 2021
Source : evertonfc

Is Toni Duggan Married? Who Is Her Husband?

Everton forward Toni Duggan is not married yet, but she was engaged with her future husband Tony in 2015.

Although she has revealed anything about her partner, she did give a few details regarding their relationship in 2019 while speaking with Express Sport. Duggan, an England winger, has adjusted to life in the spotlight, having played for one of the world’s most well-known clubs and rubbing shoulders with nobility.

She decided to sign for Barcelona in 2017 from Manchester City and moved to Spain, leaving all of her loved ones, family, and boyfriend, Tony. However, despite miles of distance between her and her family in Liverpool, Duggan has close ties with them and regularly expresses her love for her long-term lover, Tony.

Toni Duggan with her future husband Tony
Source : instagram

They frequently take vacations together to places like Venice, where Toni can unwind from the stresses of professional football. Duggan said at the end of her first season with the Catalan club, her family and partner assured her that there would be someone there for every home game. 

Her Instagram photos make it clear that the two lovebirds are madly in love. The duo frequently has dinner dates and attends Barcelona games together. Both couples are major music aficionados who like listening to Rihanna’s music tracks and even went to Ariana Grande’s One Love Manchester concert.

Moreover, Duggan and her companion Tony also like visiting vacation places such as Venice. Her buffs ensure that she has enough time to unwind when she returns home from a long day of football games.

She is joyed witnessing her fans’ overwhelming support and their vows to attend every game. Because of the media’s intense interest in her, she prefers to keep her personal life private. But nothing can stop their true love as they still manage to spend their time together without unnecessary media buzz.

Toni Duggan and her partner at Wembley for to cheer England cricket team
Source : instagram

What Is Toni Duggan Net Worth In 2022?

Toni Duggan, a football player for England national team, has an estimated net worth of $2.5 million. She makes a hefty salary from her club career.

She’s been a successful player since she was a child and has led her team at the highest level. Toni even competed in various age groups ranging from U17 to U23 before making a senior debut at Everton. 

Besides, she played for Manchester City, Barcelona, and Atletico Madrid before returning to Everton last season. Duggan achieved remarkable heights while at City and the Spanish clubs, winning different trophies. Through all the ventures, she must have made a decent fortune along with her wages in each club. 

Though female players are paid comparatively less than male football players, Duggan still managed to amass millions of dollars from her salary and brand endorsements. 

Soccer stars may earn extra money by supporting well-known companies’ brands through various endorsement and sponsorship partnerships. The FA WSL team members are expected to receive about $35,000 as basic pay. 

Toni’s successful playing career must have earned her extra money. One can look at her Instagram account and instantly notice her lavish lifestyle. It makes clear that the 31-year-old Everton player earns a lot of money from her sponsorship deal with Adidas and Lucozade Sports Brand brand endorsement.

Moreover, Duggan has taken countless holiday vacations to other nations. She frequently travels to tropical regions, demonstrating her vast riches and skills. Toni has kept her fortune under wraps, which is the most delicate thing about the football prodigy. She may live in luxury and own a large number of valuable automobiles. Her down-to-earth demeanor, on the other hand, will never be displayed.

Toni Duggan, the 2015 WSA Goal of the Season winner has a net worth of $2.5 million
Source : sportingnews

Toni Duggan Pregnant With Her First Child

Toni Duggan revealed she was pregnant and expecting her first baby a few days ago at the end of September. 

She tweeted a cute picture of baby outfits, a pair of shoes, and a t-shirt and wrote, “Wow! It still feels so surreal. We can’t wait to meet you, our little one.” She also thanked the Everton women’s team and all the medical staff for supporting her.

Following her pregnancy announcement, netizens are curious to know who the father is. He is no other than her future husband and life partner, Tony, with whom she has been together for the last decade.

Duggan has uploaded a handful of Tony’s pictures on her Instagram account @toniduggan, which has 350K followers, but she never mentioned his name nor even tagged him in any of the images. 

The 31-year-old former Barcelona winger will miss the rest of the Women’s Super League season on maternity leave. So her fans will miss her in action the rest of the season and probably next season. Now for a year or so, she will get to spend more time with her partner and her family at home. 

In the end, our family and friends are all that matter. That might be one of the reasons she returned to England, specifically to Merseyside, where her family lives, so she could spend time with her family coming home from a stressful professional life.

Toni Duggan Family In Merseyside

Toni Duggan was born to an English family on July 25, 1991. Her mother, Joanne Duggan, raised her in Merseyside, Liverpool. 

She was born under the birth sign Leo and held British nationality. Even though she has kept all of her family information behind an iron curtain, she occasionally uploads pictures with her mother and father.

In May 2022, Toni posted an image of her with her gorgeous-looking mom on a red carpet while they were attending The National Lottery. Moreover, she celebrated Christmas with her family last year for the first time in so many years.

Duggan joined the family for the festive season because she returned to Everton in 2021. Before that, she played in Spain and could barely travel to her family in Liverpool during Christmas. 

However, at the end of every season, before the start of preseason, Toni gets plenty of time, and she goes for a long vacation with her family and boyfriend. “What a day we all had yesterday… hope everyone had a lovely day #FamilyIsEverything” she wrote on her Instagram after Christmas in 2019.

Toni Duggan and her motehr Joanne Duggan on a vacation trip to Italy
Source : instagram

Toni Duggan Career So Far

Toni Duggan is enjoying an incredible career, fortunate enough to have played for different European elite clubs.

The English forward has played for Everton, Manchester City, Barcelona, and Atlético Madrid. Duggan became the first female English player to have ever signed for Barcelona when she moved to the Catalana club in 2017 from Manchester City.

She finished second in the UEFA Women’s Champions League Final versus Lyon in 2019. Moreover, on July 5, 2019, she departed Barcelona after two seasons in quest of her challenges in Spain. Toni graduated from Notre Dame Catholic College. She received her diploma from Loughborough College in 2010.

Duggan broke into the Everton first-team lineup after the regular strikers were injured in 2007. She scored an outstanding extra-time goal against Watford Ladies to send Everton to the FA Female Premier League Cup final that season.

Toni Duggan Club Career

Years Duration Team Games Played Goals
2007–2013     Six seasons Everton 40 17
2013-2017 Four seasons Manchester City 44 19
2017-2019 Two seasons Barcelona 51 20
2019-2021 Two seasons Atlético Madrid 43 6
2021-present Everton 15 2

Some FAQs

What is Toni Duggan net worth?

Toni Duggan net worth is around $2.5 million. She makes most money from his football career.

What team does Toni Duggan play for?

Toni Duggan rejoined Everton in 2021. She plays in forward or winger position.

Is Toni Duggan married?

No, Toni Duggan is not married. She is dating English boyfriend Tony.

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