Frances Tiafoe Twin Brother Franklin Tiafoe, Meet Tennis Star Parents

Frances Tiafoe is an American professional tennis player with a twin brother Franklin Tiafoe, who also plays tennis. 

Many siblings have been seen together following their sibling’s footsteps, and Frances Tiafoe’s twin brother Franklin Tiafoe has also followed in his brother’s footsteps.

With an unexpected victory over Gregor Dimitrov and Kevin Anderson at the Australian Open, Tiafoe is stirring up controversy in the tennis world.

Frances Tiafoe advanced to the Round of 16 and defeated Rafael Nadal in this year’s US Open under coach Wayne Ferreira

At the 2018 Delray Beach Open, Tiafoe won his first and only ATP championship, making him the youngest American to do it since Andy Roddick in 2002.

Quick Facts About Frances Tiafoe:

Real Name Frances Tiafoe Jr.
Age 24
Date Of Birth January 20, 1998
Nationality American
Height 6 feet 2 inch
Instagram @bigfoe1998

Frances Tiafoe’s Twin Brother Followed His Footstep

Frances Tiafoe’s twin brother Franklin Tifaoe also plays tennis, and he establishes to make a name for himself.

He has participated in a few ITF professional competitions. Franklin played tennis for DeMatha Catholic High School and afterward for Salisbury University, even though he never reached the same level of competition as his brother Frances.

Frances Tiafoe's brother Franklin also played tennis
Source : twitter

They are incredibly supportive of one another and have a great friendship. Franklin said that Frances was an extremely concentrated child who knew how to ignore outside distractions. Franklin, on the other hand, was the complete opposite. He was a wild boy who frequently got himself in trouble.

Franklin never had a regular coaching relationship despite his brother Frances becoming a star athlete. He would practice alone instead. He still aspired to become a professional tennis player, but due to his reputation as a troublemaker, he felt that no one took him seriously.

Franklin took control of his game, staying up late at the courts to practice and smash serves with Kenneth Downing, one of his closest friends. Additionally, he exercised in the gym in the evenings.

Franklin Tiafoe was offered a seat on the DeMatha Catholic High School squad by JTCC member and close family friend Bob Larson when the brothers’ sophomore year of high school rolled around.

Tennis Star Is Son Of Sierra Leonean Immigrants

Frances Tiafoe, a professional tennis player, is the son of Sierra Leonean immigrants. He was raised at the Junior Tennis Champions Center (JTCC), a USTA regional training facility in Maryland, where his father served as head of maintenance.

Frances Tiafoe with his family
Source : instagram

In 1993, Frances’ father, Frances Tiafoe Sr., and mother, Alphina Kamara left their country’s civil conflict for the United States

His father started working as a day laborer on the Junior Tennis Champions Center building project in College Park, Maryland, in 1999. He was given an empty office inside the center to live in and was appointed as the facility’s on-site custodian once it was finished.

Over the subsequent 11 years, Frances and Franklin spent five days a week with their father at the facility. They took advantage of their living situation at four years old and began playing tennis frequently. When their mother wasn’t working night shifts as a nurse, they lived with her.

Frances’s Father Arranged Training At JTCC

When Frances Tiafoe and his brother Franklin were five years old, their father made arrangements for them to start training at the JTCC without having to pay their regular tuition.

Misha Kouznetsov started teaching Tiafoe at the center when he was 8 years old because he was impressed by his work ethic and enthusiasm for the game.

Kouznetsov assisted Tiafoe in getting tournament sponsorships as he advanced through the youth ranks. Until he transferred to the USTA National Training Center in Boca Raton, Florida, he continued to train Tiafoe for nine years. 

Franklin, Frances’s brother, remained in Maryland and attended Salisbury University after playing tennis for DeMatha Catholic High School in his high school years.

Tennis Player Often Post About His Family On Social Media

Frances has expressed appreciation for the sacrifices made by his family. He frequently mentions the importance of his family in his social media posts, mainly how much they have contributed to his journey to professional tennis.

Frances and his family met president and First Lady of Sierra Leone
Source : instagram

The parents of Frances have made numerous sacrifices for them. His father was a maintenance worker who lived in College Park, while his mother worked double overtime as a nurse. Later, they traveled to the United States for his career.  

He claimed that knowing about Sierra Leone, the country of his parents changed his viewpoint. You can’t forget your roots, said Tiafoe, who returned to practice at the junior tennis center in 2018 after a run of defeats.

Tennis Player In A Relationship With Ayan Broomfield

Frances Tiafoe is in a relationship with Ayan Broomfield. Ayan is also a tennis player for the UCLA Bruins at Clemson University.

Frances Tiafoe and Ayan Broomfield announced their relationship in 2018. The couple became very well-known in 2020 after making a video with other tennis players to promote racial abuse awareness in the wake of George Floyd’s passing.

Frances is dating UCLA tennis player Ayan Broomfield
Source : instagram

Vickie Duval, a tennis player, introduced them to one another. Ayan was born on August 13, 1997, and reached the world’s sixth-highest singles ranking in 2015.

A wildcard was given to her for the doubles competition at the Coupe Banque Nationale in 2014, and she used it to make her WTA Tour debut.

Her career achievements include taking home two ITF doubles championships and reaching a global doubles ranking of 467.

Fances Tiafoe Reached Quarterfinals At 2022 US Open

Frances Tiafoe beat Rafael Nadal to reach the quarterfinals of the US Open, marking a significant step toward realizing his huge potential.

 Frances Tiafoe celebrates after beating Rafael Nadal in 2022 US Open
Source : theguardian

Frances upset Rafael Nadal in a grand slam match for the first time this year in front of a loud audience at Arthur Ashe Stadium. Additionally, it is the first time since Wimbledon 2017 that Nadal has dropped out of a grand slam before the quarterfinal round.

Tiafoe served the final two points of the second set with two spectacular down-the-line forehand winners and an unanswered service.

Rublev tied the match with a victory at Indian Wells earlier in the year after Tiafoe had won their first encounter at the 2021 US Open. 

Tennis Star Won Junior Title International Tennis Federation(ITF)

Tiafoe won enough prestigious junior championships to reach No. 2 in the world in the ITF junior rankings. Before turning professional, his junior’s success and unique environment helped him gain national recognition.

Tiafoe won his first significant international competition at 14 in Les Petits As in France. The Orange Bowl, one of the top-tier Grade A competitions on the ITF Junior Circuit, was held in December of the following year, and he became the youngest player to win it.

The tennis player entered the 2014 French Open junior event as the top seed due to these two significant victories, but he was eliminated in the second round. Tiafoe concluded his junior career in August 2015 by achieving victory in the USTA Junior National Championship at 17.

He won the first two sets and the fifth set in the championship match against Stefan Kozlov. He received a wild card into the main draw of the 2015 US Open thanks to the victory.

Look Into Net Worth Of Tennis Player

Frances Tiafoe has a net worth of $6 million, according to Sportslumo. Tennis player Tiafoe is known for his contagious energy and captivating style of play.

He has gained the respect of his peers through his hard work and dedication, and his NBA-style victory celebrations have made him highly recommended.

Frances became the youngest American man to reach the US Open quarterfinals
Source : instagram

At the 2013 Orange Bowl, Tiafoe won the Boys’ 18s championship. As a result, he became the competition’s youngest champion in its 67-year history.

As one of the few African Americans competing on the ATP Tour, Tiafoe has also embraced his status as a potential role model for young people.

Frances Tiafoe Prize Money

Year Prize Money
2022 137,040
2021 1,295,951
2020 546,000
2019 1,375,737


Tiafoe was sponsored by Adidas for clothes at the beginning of his career, but he has been with Nike since 2016. His racquet sponsor is Yonex. He was appointed a brand ambassador for the high-end timepiece Tag Heuer in 2019 and Nesquik in 2020.

Charity Work

Tiafoe has connected himself with several social organizations. In response to the rise in racial tensions brought on by police violence in 2020, Tiafoe and his girlfriend started the “Racquets Down, Hands Up” social media movement. Additionally, he helped with relief efforts in 2020 during the COVID-19 epidemic.

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