Gustavo Arnal Married Life: Bed Bath And Beyond CFO Net Worth In 2022

Officials reported that the chief financial officer of Bed Bath & Beyond passed away after falling from a Manhattan tower.

An unconscious person was discovered Friday around 12:30 p.m. near a building, according to a New York Police Department statement. The individual was pronounced not alive at the site by responding emergency personnel.

In May 2020, Arnal began working for the shop as it dealt with the coronavirus outbreak. He formerly worked with Procter & Gamble Co., Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc., and Avon Products Inc.

Is Gustavo Arnal Married?

Gustavo Arnal’s wife has decided not to speak to the media regarding the topic after her husband passed away. It is known that Gustavo and his wife are parents to children but have always kept their personal lives away from the media.

It’s believed that Gustavo and his wife lived in their New York apartment.  Many had speculated that his wife might have known the problem her husband was going through before he decided to take his own life.

Gustavo Arnal taken to a hospiital after the incident
Source : barrons

It is hard to imagine what Gustavo felt during his last days at this job, as he was completely alone and was probably waiting for the sacking. As a man who used to live in luxury, Gustavo probably thought he would not be able to afford his opulent lifestyle, which made him make such a rash decision.

Gustavo was accustomed to living in luxury, so he likely believed he wouldn’t be able to maintain his extravagant way of life, which led him to make such a hasty choice.

Gustavo Arnal Net Worth In 2022

Gustavo Arnal’s net worth was roughly $6.05 million as of the time of writing. Gustavo Arnal’s net worth is unquestionably in the millions due to his 20 years of banking experience and high-level positions at some of the largest corporations.

Approximately the past three years, Gustavo sold his stake in Bed Bath & Beyond for more than a million dollars. He possessed over 55,013 shares of the retailer.

Bed Bath & Beyond  shop
Source : avonworldwide

A multimillionaire, Bed Bath & Beyond’s CFO just sold his shares for $1 million, according to Avon worldwide. Arnal also received a $1.9 million compensation from Bed Bath & Beyond as executive vice president and CFO.

He earned more than $2.9 million in pay in 2021, including $775,000 in bonus.

Gustavo Arnal Career Highlight

Gustavo Arnal began his career at Proctor & Gamble, where he spent 20 years in various roles. He served as Brazil’s Sau Paulo Area’s CFO in 1997. He spent seven years working there before moving to Cincinnati, Ohio, where he served two years.

He worked for the same organization as the Global Finance Manager for Personal Beauty in 2007. He traveled to the Geneva region of Switzerland the following year for the Global Fabric and Home Center.

He worked for the same Swiss company up until 2017, at which point he finally decided to leave and look for new chances. In July of that year, Walgreens Boots Alliance, he joined a pharmaceutical firm in London, where he worked in the global function and international divisions.

He moved to Avon towards the end of 2018, where he took his last position at Bedbath and worked there for more than two years. There are reports that Gustavo was fired before his passing, but for the time being, they are just—rumors.

Mr. Arnal graduated from the Universidad Simon Bolivar with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and the Metropolitan University with a master’s degree in finance.

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