Bill Johnson Wife Beni Johnson Died Of Cancer, What Type Of Cancer Did She Have?

Beni Johnson was an American author and an evangelist. She spent a lot of time helping God by working in the ministry.

Johnson was a minister for over 25 years, primarily at the Bethel Church. She also contributed to the expansion of the churches across other countries. As an author, Johnson published a book titled The Joy of Intercession Curriculum: Becoming a Happy Intercessor in 2013. 

Obituary: Beni Johnson Of Bethel Church Dies Aged 67

Beni Johnson passed away on July 14, 2022, after a long battle with cancer.

As announced on Premier Christian News, her husband, Bill Johnson, has confirmed the demise news on his Facebook.

Bill has posted a photo of Beni, captioning it with profound words, “Healthy and Free.” The picture also contained the text that notes the evangelist died on Wednesday. She reportedly died at her home and had been receiving good care. 


On the same day of her death, a health update from her Church read: “We continue to stand with the Johnsons for Beni’s complete. Medicine is a blessing and a great help, but now we need a miracle from the Lord. Please continue to pray for total deliverance from all cancer and for Beni’s strength to be renewed.”

Now the church members are crestfallen with the news. They wrote a tribute to her that describes Beni as a warrior and woman of love. They said: “Beni Johnson is a mother to this house and has been for over 25 years. She has led the charge in the passionate pursuit of prayer for our movement and has taught us to intercede with joy and confidence. She has led both from the front and behind the scenes.”

“She has consistently made herself known in the spirit as a warrior, a fighter, and a woman of love and truth. She has contended for us, and for the global Church, for decades in prayer.”

 Upon hearing about her demise, many of her supporters around the world have provided a tribute to her name. 

What Type Of Cancer Does Beni Johnson Have? Illness Details

Beni Johnson was diagnosed with breast cancer. She knew about the illness in 2018 and had a history of cancer in her family.

The evangelist had revealed her cancer situation in a series of Facebook posts. She believed that God’s will would heal her disease and was actually and was fighting well with the disease. 


According to Wondering Eagle, Johnson’s BR2 gene was found mutated by the medical examiners. As a result, she was at risk of developing ovarian and other malignancies. Johnson has been undergoing several treatments in recent years. 

In 2018, Johnson removed cancerous tumors from her breast. The tumors were at high risk for breast and ovarian cancer. Then, she traveled to Sapin for additional treatment. However, as cancer progressed, she noticed sleeping and breathing problems. 

During her recovery period, during the Bethel worship service, Dann Farrelly and other leaders led the Church in prayer for ten minutes for Johnson.

Beni Johnson’s Family Detail

Beni Johnson was married to Bill Johnson; together, they have led the Bethel Church since 1996.

The couple is blessed with three children and eleven grandchildren. 


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