Who Is Humberto Cravioto? Everything About The Recording Artist And His Recent Releases

Humberto Cravioto Fonseca, better known as Humberto Cravioto, is a Mexican tenor born in Pachuca Hidalgo, Mexico, and he is famed as a ranchera singer.

The artist with incredible voice began his career in 1967, and Humberto has released over 40 record productions; he gets recognized as one of the greatest tenors in Mexico.

Humberto Cravioto Wikipedia: Meet The Recording Artist

Humberto Cravioto is a Mexican recording artist and a tenor with 52 years of experience in the musical industry and has appeared on various television programs worldwide.

The artist has performed duets with Angélica María María de Lourdes, and Hugo Avendaño and he has also shared the stage for 20 years with great singers inclusing Alberto Ángel “El Cuervo” and Valente Pastor.

Furthermore, as per a source, Cravioto also participated in films, including El Corrido de Silvano Bernal in 1977 and Pasaporte a la Muerte in 1988. Moreover, the artist has recorded over 50 albums in different musical genres throughout his career.

Humberto Cravioto Edad: How Old Is The Artist?

Carvioto hasn’t disclosed his date of birth, so we are unsure of his actual age, but considering his lifestyle and appearance, he might be around 60 to 70 years old.

Thus, the intel relating to when he makes a toast to celebrate his birthday has remained a mystery, and only his family, friends, and close ones seem to know the date.

Furthermore, the artist hasn’t shared his background information with the media, so sketchy intel about him is available; however, as per his Facebook profile, he is an alma mater of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.

Humberto is active on Facebook under the tag Humberto Cravioto Fonseca, and he often uses the platform to stay connected with his fans and well-wishers. However, he doesn’t appear to be active on Instagram and Twitter.

Who Are Humberto Cravioto’s Family Members?

Since Cravioto is in his mid-60s or early 70s, he hasn’t emphasized sharing details about his family members on the internet, so insufficient information about his wife and children is available.

The artist did share a stage with his sons once, but not much intel about the performance is accessible. Even so, he appears to have kids who have followed in his footsteps and got into the musical scenario.

Although sketchy details about his loved ones are available, we presume Humberto has a loving family who has been very supportive of him, and he might also have adorable grandkids. Hopefully, more data about his close ones will be attainable in the future.

Humberto Cravioto Biografia And Recent Releases 

Humberto has released over 40 record productions and 50 albums, and his masterpieces are available on streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, and more.

His recent album got released on the 22nd of June 2022 with the title Humberto Al Grande Del Bolero Ranchero En La Voz De…, consisting of 23 songs. Likewise, he released Homenaje a La Virgen De Guadalupe with 15 songs on the 7trh of December 2021.

The artist began his career in 1967 and has been active in the entertainment industry for over half a century; he has come a long way and has still made his presence strong with incredible music.

Furthermore, the tenor won first place in an opera contest organized by José Morales Esteves at the Palacio de Bellas Artes. Likewise, Jorge Saldana Hernandez is the person who supported him in recording his first production and made him known on television.

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