How Old Is Maria Beregova? Noticeable Age Difference With Leonardo DiCaprio

Maria Beregova is currently in the highlight because of rumors that she is dating actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Beregova, age 22, was partying with Leonardo DiCaprio in St. Tropez and the rumors started that they were dating. Pictures of DiCaprio with a younger girl appeared online after it was revealed that he had split with model Camila Morrone, 25, in the media. 

Beregova divorced her husband, Ahmed Masoud Abdelhafid, who runs Monaco’s property and fashion empire. 

According to Daily Mail, after divorcing her businessman and fashion mogul husband Ahmed Masoud Abdelhafid, she took a flight to the south of France. After divorcing her ex-husband, she also began using her maiden name.

Model: How Old Is Maria Beregova?

Maria Beregova is 22 years old, and she was born in Russia. Maria’s parents raised her in Switzerland even though she was born in Ukraine.

Her mother’s and father’s identities, however, remain a secret. Maria currently resides in London, England.

Age 22
Date Of Birth 2000
Place of Birth Russia

Maria holds Russian nationality and has white ethnicity. She stands 5 feet 8inches tall. 

Maria is currently pursuing her University education in London with the goal of taking over her family’s pharmaceutical company.

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Maria Beregova And Leonardo DiCaprio Age Gap

Maria Beregova and Leonardo DiCaprio are 25 years apart in age; Maria is 22, and Leonardo is 47.

Leo DiCaprio and Maria Beregova pictured leaving a Luxury Yacht party in St. Topez.
Source : dmarge

Beregova frequently travels the world for different fashion brands, although she has only ever worked with Chanel, referring to herself as a “golden Barbie” during one of their events.

Maria, who had recently separated from her husband, was spotted with Leo, 47. After four years of dating, Camila Morrone, a model, and Leonardo DiCaprio recently announced their separation.

Following the announcement of DiCaprio and Morrone’s separation, pictures shot in July of this year have suddenly surfaced. The photos show Leonardo DiCaprio and Maria Beregova boarding a luxury yacht in St. Tropez.

DiCaprio, who prefers to keep his relationships private and his public persona under wraps, has not yet made any allusions to or declarations about his new relationship.

In the late 1980s, DiCaprio made his acting debut in television commercials. He played recurrent roles in several television programs in the early 1990s.

Maria Beregova Relationship With Leo DiCaprio

According to rumors, Leo DiCaprio is dating Russian model Maria Beregova. Leo and Maria were reportedly seen entering and exiting a lavish yacht party together.

DiCaprio maintained his trademark low-key look by donning a basic shirt and a black baseball cap, while Maria accentuated her beauty with a sleek neck dress.

In July, photos of the two entering a luxurious yacht were taken in St. Tropez.

Maria is the ex-wife of Monaco-based fashion and real estate tycoon Ahmed Masoud Abdelhafid. Massoud Abdelhafid, the interior minister for Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, is the grandfather of her ex-husband.

 Maria Beregova with her ex-husband Massoud Abdelhafid.
Source : hotfastnews

He was regarded as Gaddafi’s right hand and a veritable walking encyclopedia.

Maria, 22, follows DiCaprio on Instagram, but the actor from The Great Gatsby hasn’t followed her back yet. DiCaprio and Beregova dating rumors might just be idle conjecture from online users.

Maria Beregova Net Worth

Maria Beregova has a net worth of $$800k-$950k, according to Newsunzip.

Maria is a well-known model and social media influencer. She routinely uses social media for advertising products. She also collaborated with several fashion brands, including Magda Butrym, Hermès, Channel, and others.

She became a model when she was pretty young. When Maria Beregova finished her higher studies, she began working as a freelance model.

In terms of Instagram followers, Maria has 61.2k. She goes under the handle @maria.beregova on Instagram.

Beregova is a travel enthusiast who enjoys going to different places. She also collaborated with numerous reputable talent agencies.

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