Where Is Aretha Wilson Now? Whereabouts Of The Model Behind Leonardo DiCaprio Face Scar

Aretha Wilson is probably in her hometown in Canada. The model came into the tremendous spotlight after attacking actor Leonardo DiCaprio at a party in Hollywood in 2005. 

In 2005, Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio was attacked at a Hollywood Hills Party. A model and stockbroker named Aretha Wilson threw a wine glass to his face. As a result, the actor sustained injuries that resulted in a scar on his face. 

Following the assault, Wilson was arrested by the California police and was tried in court. She was tried for seven years, but the model took a plea deal that reduced her sentence to six months in prison. She is Canadian. 

Where Is Aretha Wilson Now? Leonardo DiCaprio Face Scar And Injury

Aretha Wilson was extradited to Canada after she served her sentence for assaulting Leo DiCaprio. 

Wilson had previously served home detention back in Canada for almost a year. So, she was given a prison sentence of six months, considering the former custody in her total sentence. So, she is probably in Canada at the moment. 

Then 40 years old, Wilson initially pled innocence in the case. But once the case went to trial, she decided to take the plea agreement. The victim, Leo, was happy with her decision as it wasn’t his desire to testify in court. 

Moreover, the actor has tried his best to keep the incident away from the limelight. He didn’t consent to take pictures of him after the incident. But one can find those pictures on the internet anyway. 

Is Aretha Wilson Still On Jail? Age And Wikipedia Bio To Know

Aretha Wilson is not in jail at the moment. 

She is currently around 57 years old. Wilson worked as a model and stockbroker in the United States during the incident. She appeared in several commercials and music videos. 

Moreover, she also has a scar on her face from the accident she encountered when she was 23 years old. She was in a car accident in 1993. 

Wilson served around six months in prison in California. She was then expected to be extradited to Canada, her hometown. However, there haven’t been any reports or follow-ups regarding her case. 

Aretha Wilson Net Worth: Former Criminal Charges 

Aretha Wilson defended herself by saying that she thought Leo was her ex-boyfriend. 

Having said that, the former model. did plead guilty to assaulting her ex-boyfriend in Toronto, Canada. She reportedly assaulted her ex, Wyatt Cote, moments before he fell to his death from his eighth-floor Toronto balcony on Feb. 5, 2006. 

Further facts about her net worth and family remain unknown for now. She didn’t have to pay bail or any type of financial asset during the trial. 

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