Did Jean Michel Scherbak Parents Diswon Him? Details About The Actor And Model

Jean Michel Scherbak Parents have reportedly disowned him, and the news went viral. Now, people are looking for his Wikipedia.

Another devastating example of how Russian President Vladimir Putin’s conflict has driven families and friends apart is a Russian model and actor who said his support for Ukraine had lost his relationship with his mother.

Jean- Michel Scherbak’s mother, a longtime follower of Russian President Vladimir Putin, barred him online and offline after he posted on social media that he was sad his country had launched a conflict in Ukraine.


Does Jean Michel Scherbak Wikipedia Bio? 

Jean Michel Scherbak does not have Wikipedia as of the moment.

He is a model and actor from Russia. The actor is 30 years old at the moment.

The actor came into the limelight after he began uploading videos and breaking news updates with his tens of thousands of Instagram followers nearly as soon as Russia invaded Ukraine in late February.

Sadly, his Russian mother, a longstanding and ardent Putin fan, was not pleased with his educational accomplishments.

Scherbak, who has numerous friends in Ukraine and has visited the country several times, told CNN that he was inspired to start tweeting about the war because he couldn’t believe such savagery could occur in this day and age.

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Did Jean Michel Scherbak Parents Disown Him? 

Jean Michel Scherbak Parents did not exactly disown him, but the way his mother is behaving, it may be possible.

Jean’s educational attempts irritated his Russian mother, a longstanding and ardent Putin fan, according to Scherbak.

After he stated on social media that he was ashamed of his country for beginning a war, his mother immediately blocked him.

Scherbak’s mother texted him on Facebook, saying that he was a traitor and that she had made her choice and proceeded to block him.

Scherbak eventually left Moscow and spoke to CNN from his home in Germany. He claimed, however, that before leaving his house, he made one final attempt to reconcile with his mother.

She replied, “you are no longer my son.” “In my family, there will be no traitors.”

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