Is George Puscas Related To Ferenc Puskas? Wife and Family

George Puscas is not related to the Real Madrid legend Ferenc Puskas
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George Puscas is a footballer for Genoa. Many think he is related to the football legend Ferenc Puskas.

The 26-year-old Romanian striker George has been linked with the late Hungarian football player. The question has been on the mind of many football fans since the former Inter Milan player George Puscas began to make a highlight in EFL Championship with Reading Football Club.

George began his senior career at the Romanian club Bihor Oradea in 2012. Deemed as a potentially great player with lots of craftmanship, he was bought by Italian giant Inter Milan in 2014. He had a good relationship with Croatian midfielder Mateo Kovacic at Inter.  

But failed to make an impact and lack of game time; with just four appearances in four years and three loan spells in three different clubs, George left Milan and joined another Italian side Palermo in a permanent deal.

Quick Facts About George Puscas

Full NameGeorge Alexandru Puscas
Net Worth$2.3 million
Height1.88 m (6 ft 2 in)
ProfessionFootball Player
Playing PositionForward

George Puscas is currently affiliated with English second-tier club Reading
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George Puscas is not related to Ferenc Puskas despite both the players having a common last name. 

There is no evidence uncovered that verifies he shares a bloodline with one of "the greatest players of all time." So far, there has been nothing that establishes his relation with Ferenc Puskas. 

The fuss started on social media when a Twitter user uploaded a tweet in April 2015. The user posted two pictures, one of George and one of Ferenc, and captioned, "18-year George Puscas...A real footballer's name. No relation to Ferenc, I believe."

After that, it attracted lots of attention as many football fans became eager to find out if the young player was the blood of a legendary football player. The Romanians forward, though he addressed the concern a few times during his interviews, has never clearly denied the fact that they could be blood-related.

Whenever anyone from the press is about to ask him regarding the relation with Ferenc, he states he does not like to be linked or draw parallels with him and their last name being common has nothing to do with their relationship. He even said once, "To be honest, I am Romanian and have nothing to do with his name. I'll do it my way. I'll be the Romanian Puscas."

Are Puscas And Puskas, The Same?

Some might argue that they cannot be related as their family name is not precisely the same. Though the pronunciation is the same, their spelling is different. And they are partially correct. George's last name has the word "C" in the middle while Ferenc's Puskas has the word "K," so how can they be the same?

Well, George, although born in Romania, he is of half Hungarian descent, and his last name Puscas is derived from Hungarian Puskas, and that is the reason he draws a resemblance with Ferenc Puskas.

The FIFA Puskas award was announced to honor Ferenc Puskas in 2009.
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Is George Puscas Married? Wife and Family Life

George Puscas is not married. He lives a single life with his family, so he has no girlfriend or wife. 

The 26-year-old striker is open about his personal life with the media and his fans; hence his love life cannot go unnoticed, and there is nothing their fans would not know if he has a girlfriend. 

Besides, her sister Deea Puscas, a model and entrepreneur, married Cristi Pop. Her husband has an Instagram account with the user name @money4myhoney_, and he gets along with George. 

Deea's wedding was held in Romania in August 2019, and the Reading star has uploaded glimpses of the ceremony on his Instagram. Other than that, most of his uploads are pictures and videos from his football games and vacations. 

Puscas is more into revitalizing his lost form and shaping his shaky career into a solid one rather than disturbing his focus on marriage and raising his wife and children. He is still young and can pull out what he showed he could during his time at Inter when he was young.

George Puscas on her sister Deea's wedding in 2019
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What Is George Puscas Net Worth? Salary And Earnings In 2022

According to Salary Sport, George Puscas has an estimated net worth of $2.3 million (£2.1 million) as of 2022.

Pușcaș became Reading's most expensive player in the club's history when he agreed to a five-year deal with Reading in August 2019 for a fee of $7.8 million dollar and $2 million in incentives. Speaking of his salary, he makes £728,000 a year as per his contract with the Championship side.

However, following three dismal seasons at Reading, the Romanian striker has been keen to leave the club this summer. Financial issues delay Puscas' exit, even though he is one of the club's better earners and has two years left on his contract.

Reading made a loan deal to transfer Puscas with Serie B side Genoa in the final week of the transfer window. The forward signed a loan agreement with the Italian club for the whole season, with the option to purchase him in the summer following the transfer.

George Puscas Career Earnings 

Year Team Yearly Salary Weekly Wage
2014 Inter Milan £52,520     £1,010    
2015 Inter Milan £166,400     £3,200    
2016 Bari £322,400     £6,200    
2017 Benevento £322,400     £6,200    
2018 Novara £270,400     £5,200    
2019 Palmero £270,400     £5,200
2020 Reading £728,000     £14,000    

Former Palmero striker George Puscas has a net worth is $2.3 million
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George Puscas Parents In Marghita, Romania

George Puscas was born in the rural Romanian countryside to his parents. He grew up with a brother and a sister.

The 26-year-old thanks his parents, who raised him from the ground up in a small village in Romania, for providing him with the essential support and direction that helped him develop his profession.

As a youth, his chances of graduating from a professional academy were slim because he was raised in a rural area of Romania where facilities were scarce. However, he has made it to the top thanks to his talent, tenacity, and dedication to his career.

George Puscas with his parents and sister holding the Romanian football player of the year 2019 award
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Puscas said he is the only one in his family and neighborhood to embrace a footballing career, and the path to a senior career has been arduous. His father motivated him all the time and was the one to believe in him, thus making his dream a reality.

Some FAQs

Is George Puscas Related To Ferenc Puskas?

No, George Puscas in not related to Ferenc Puskas. They just happen to have same name.

Who is George Puscas wife?

George Puscas is yet not married. Hence he does not have a wife.

What is George Puscas net worth?

George Puscas has a net worth of $2.3 million in 2022. He earns $750K year at Reading.