Is Kelly Thiebaud Leaving General Hospital For Rejoining Station 19? Spoilers Revealed As She Is Returning On Drama Series

Kelly Thiebaud is an American actress and model

It has been reported that Kelly Thiebaud, a popular soap character, will exit General Hospital(GH).

Thiebaud made her GH debut in September 2012 as the conniving superstar Dr. Britt Westbourne, and the soap quickly signed her to a contract.

In 2022, the actress was recognized for her performance in the program with a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress.

General Hospital rumors suggest that Kelly Thiebaud's role as Dr. Britt Westbourne will end in November 2022.

As she gets ready to play Eva Vasquez once more on the ABC drama STATION 19, Thiebaud quit General Hospital in November.

Is Kelly Thiebaud Leaving GH?

Yes, the reports that Kelly Thiebaud is exiting from General Hospital (GH) are confirmed as she prepares to return to the ABC drama Station 19 in its primetime slot as Eva Vasquez.

 Kelly Thiebaud is leaving GH
Kelly Thiebaud is leaving GH( Source : instagram )

The report did not clarify how Thiebaud will leave General Hospital (GH), but considering that she has left and returned so frequently over the years, we believe she would go to gather her thoughts and return one day.

Kelly Thiebaud made her Station 19 debut as Eva in 2020. The character of Eva is the widow of late Station 19 firefighter Rigo Vasquez. She had a passionate affair with Jack Gibson, a friend of her husband's (Grey Damon), which caused complete chaos.

Eva returned for season six to stir up even more controversy, which inevitably generated an endless amount of drama.

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Kelly Thiebaud Rejoining Station 19

According to Deadline, Emmy winner Kelly Thiebaud will return to play Eva Vasquez in Station 19 for the drama's sixth season, which will debut on October 6, 2022.

Kelly Thiebaud is returning to ABC drama station 19
Kelly Thiebaud is returning to ABC drama station 19( Source : instagram )

Grey's Anatomy, a popular medical drama, has a follow-up called Station 19. The character Thiebaud plays in the "Grey's Anatomy" spinoff is the widow of the deceased firefighter Rigo Vasquez, who appeared in the show's third season.

According to an ABC tease, "Misery likes company, and Eva seeks solace with someone from her past," the outlet suggests that the character's reappearance during season six will involve plenty of "misery."

Thiebaud joined the "General Hospital" cast in 2012 and left as a contract player in 2014; she later played minor roles in 2015 and 2017–2018.

What Happened To Kelly Thiebaud?

After Kelly Thiebaud's two-year contract ended, it was revealed on November 10th, 2014, that she had been put on recurring status to pursue other acting chances.

Thiebaud had a few small acting roles on the NBC daytime serial opera Days of Our Lives and the NBC nighttime drama Criminal Minds.

She did modeling and starred in four music videos for French DJ David Guetta, in addition to her acting activities.

Kelly is well-known for playing Dr. Britt Westbourne on ABC's General Hospital, for which she received Daytime Emmy Award in 2022 for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

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