Is Rula Lenska Married After Dennis Waterman? Truth On Why She Is Yet To Move On With New Partner

An actress from Britain named Rula Lenska is most known in the United States for a string of television commercials she starred in throughout the 1970s and 1980s.

She primarily performs in British stage and television productions. In the Coronation Street ITV soap opera, she played Claudia Colby.

Her major break came when she played “Q” in the British TV series Rock Follies and its follow-up, Rock Follies of ’77, the subsequent year. She was a part of the Little Ladies’ band.

She had by this point “discarded” her status as a Polish countess, saying, “In England, it doesn’t count if you’ll pardon the pun.” Lenska started to feature in Alberto VO5 hair care commercials in the late 1970s, which were broadcast on US television. 

Is Rula Lenska Married After Dennis Waterman? Her Husband 2022

There are no details about Rula Lenska getting married after Dennis Waterman. She does not seem to have a romantic relationship with anybody after her separation from Dennis.

From January 3, 1987, through March 31, 1998, Rula was wed to actor Waterman. Over 11 years passed during their marriage. They didn’t have any kids together.

 Rula Lenska And Dennis Waterman
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Due to his violent behavior toward her, their relationship ended. He also sparked controversy by making incredibly contentious remarks about their relationship with Piers Morgan.

While taping an episode of Life Stories in 2012, he said, “A lady might easily encourage a man to strike her. Instead, she was struck rather than beaten, which is separate.

She initially wed the actor Brian Deacon and then Dennis. Both of her first and second relationships ended in divorce. She had a daughter called Lara Parker from her first marriage.

Learn More About Rula Lenska’s Net Worth

As per, as of 2022, versatile woman, Rula Lenska had a $14 million net worth. In addition, she receives a great salary of several thousand dollars annually.

She is putting in a lot of effort to establish a stable financial situation for her and her family. However, she hasn’t yet provided brand endorsements for any companies.

Lenska has performed in numerous West End productions, including The Vagina Monologues and 84, Charing Cross Road, and numerous pantomimes.

She has also undertaken extensive touring, both domestically and internationally. In addition, she frequently appears in the traveling production of Seven Deadly Sins, Four Deadly Sinners.

Rula Lenska Family Life: Where Is She Now?

Rula Lenska was born in a Polish refugee camp that had formerly served as the EVAC American Military Hospital in the English village of Diddington, close to St. Neots, Huntingdonshire.

The nearby St Neots hospital recorded her birth. Before the war, her family, who are Pomian coat of arms-bearing members of the Polish aristocracy, held a castle and estate in Kazimierza Wielka, Poland.

Before the German conquest of Poland, her dad, Major Count Ludwik Lubienski, served as personal secretary to Jozef Beck, the minister of foreign affairs. 

Rula Lenska with Maureen Lipman
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Later, he rose to the position of adjutant to General Sikorski, who served as both the Polish military mission’s commander in Gibraltar during World War II and the leader of the Polish government in exile.

During the Cold War, he oversaw the CIA-supported Polish Section of Radio Free Europe in Germany. Countess Elzbieta Tyszkiewicz, who fled from Poland to Italy during the German occupation, was her mom.

She and her mother were apprehended and transported to the Ravensbruck internment camp, where they endured for two years. Anna, an actress who worked in movies in the late 1950s and early 1960s, and Gabriela are Lenska’s sisters. 

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