Ivan Lendl Wife Samantha Frankel and Daughters

Ivan Lendl wife Samantha Frankel still remembers the beautiful wedding ceremony from December 1989. Former golfer Ivan has five children. 

Their girls are happily married too. Some of them have even given them grandchildren as well.

Better known as the “Father of Modern Tennis,” Ivan is originally from the Czech Republic but later immigrated to the USA to continue his career in tennis. 

He has won many international championships and his way of playing has also been adopted by many players. After retiring from the tennis industry in 1994, he became a coach for many years and worked with many players. 

During his career, he was on the list of world no.1 ranking in singles for 270 weeks. 

Inside Ivan Lendl Married Life

Ivan Lendl and Samantha who is in her 50s have been married for 33 years. 

The couple had a wedding six days after competing in the US Finals in 1989. The ceremony was in their hometown of Greenwich, Connecticut. They spent a few weeks there before going around Europe for their honeymoon. 

Nikola Lendl posted a picture with her mom Samantha on her birthday
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Around the same time, they also went to Spain as Lendl had a tournament in Barcelona, Spain. The couple currently lives in Florida.

Ivan Lendl Children

Ivan Lendl has five children with Samantha and all of them are girls. Evan is close to his children and loves them well. 

The girls are also avid sports players and are now studying at different universities. The youngest one, Nikola got married last year in December 2022. 

Ivan and his youngest child Nikola had a dance performance together at her wedding last year in 2022
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Ivan’s Eldest Child Played Golf

His eldest child Marika used to play golf for Florida Gators. Her junior gold player career began in 2004 when she got a chance to compete at American Junior Golf Association. There, she got her victory at Ringgold Telephone Company Junior Classic and McDonald’s Betsy Rawls Girls Championship. 

She also went to the University of Central Florida where she received the Conference USA Golfer of the Week award for her marvelous performance at the Mercedez-Benz Championships. 

Lendl Has Twin Daughters 

Lendl’s second children are twins Isabelle and Caroline. Isabelle is an amateur golf player and was the youngest woman qualified in the US Woman’s Amature in 2004. 

She even won the Women’s Eastern Amateurs in 2009 and 2012. 

Marika Lendl have two children, one boy and one girl
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Also in 2006, Isabelle played in the United States golf team and helped her team move forward at the Junior Ryder Cup. 

Furthermore, the other twin sister, Caroline was a part of the Rowing Team at the University of Alabama during her 2011/12 academic year. 

What Does Daniela Lendl Do?

His other child Daniela was also a golf player before she became a coach at the University of Denver. She joined there with an impressive portfolio as a former golf player. 

Nikole shared a family picture with her sisters and parents from her wedding day
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Daniela was a 2012 National Champion Alabama Squad member and has played multiple games there. Besides that, she also competed on the SEC championship team in 2013. 

Ivan Lendl Youngest Child Nikola

Lendl’s youngest girl Nikola worked at a fitness company called Soul Cycle.

She married in December 2022 to her long-term boyfriend Johnny and celebrated their wedding with close friends and family.

Inside Lendl Family Life

Ivan Lendl forefathers are initially from the Czech Republic. Ivan belonged to a family that was professional tennis players. 

Both his mom and dad were professional tennis players back then and his mother Olga was in the second rank among the top female players in the country. 

Lendl and his family also lived at Florida for some years.
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Paul later on moved to the United States where he continued his career as a tennis player. He got his US citizenship only in 1992 after applying for it in 1987 with the hope to play in the US Olympics and the Davis Cup. 

Later, he returned to Connecticut and lived with his family there. 

What Is Ivan Lendl Doing Now?

Ivan currently lives with his spouse in Florida. After retiring from tennis and playing golf, he indulged in different exhibition programs as well. 

Lendl was also a lover of different forms of art. He owned a collection of paintings by the famous Checz painter Alfons Mucha. Later on, he sold all the collections to one Chez businessman for $3.5 million in 2014. 

Later on, he gave his full time supporting his childrens’ careers along with involving in different philanthropic activities. 

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