Who Is John Kevin Woodward? Unseen Photos On Arrested ReadyTech CEO

According to a Santa Clara County news release District Attorney’s Office, ReadyTech’s 58-year-old CEO John Kevin Woodward was arrested on Saturday after arriving from Amsterdam at New York’s JFK airport.

The prosecutor’s office told them he was accused of killing Laurie Houts, his roommate’s girlfriend. Apparently, DNA on a rope led authorities to Woodward.

In the 1990s, Woodward was twice tried in the case, but the prosecution was dropped for, according to the district attorney’s office, there was insufficient proof. After that, Woodward relocated to the Netherlands.

Who Is ReadyTech Ceo, John Kevin Woodward?

John Kevin Woodward was a resident of California in 1992. He purportedly fell in love with Laurie Anne Houts, a computer engineer at Adobe Systems in Mountain View, California, through his roommate, who was also her boyfriend. He was seven years her junior.

He is accused of fatally strangling her in her car on September 5, 1992, in Mountain View. When her boyfriend asked him if he had killed her, the police listened. He inquired what the detectives knew and revealed that he lacked an alibi. Investigators discovered his fingerprints outside the car but could not establish that he was inside.

He was unsuccessfully charged in 1995 for the murder of Houts, with the jury voting 8-4 in favor of acquittal. Jurors and defense counsel judged the evidence insufficient since, aside from uncertain fingerprint samples, most of it was speculative.

He was once more accused of killing Houts in 1996, but this time the prosecution failed, and the jury deadlocked 7–5 in favor of acquittal. He relocated from California to the Netherlands after being exonerated.

 Laurie Houts Murder By John Kevin Woodward Case Update

In September 1992, approximately a mile from her place of employment in Mountain View, California, Houts’ lifeless body with a rope around her neck was discovered in her car. The DA’s office reported that the footprints of the 25-year-old software engineer were found on the inside of her windshield, indicating a fight.

Investigators concluded that Woodward was envious of Houts’ connection with her roommate and had formed feelings for him.


Investigators claim that new advancements in forensic science were employed by the Santa Clara County crime lab and the Mountain View Police Department last year to connect Woodward to the rope around Houts’ neck. According to Mountain View police Sgt. David Fisher, finding new evidence was the most complex challenge.

While he waits to be extradited, Woodward is kept in custody in New York without bond. He will be charged after arriving back in California. According to the DA’s office, he may receive a life sentence if found guilty.

Unseen Photos On Arrested ReadyTech CEO John Kevin Woodward

According to a Santa Clara University press release County Office of the District Attorney, John Kevin Woodward, president and CEO of Readytech, was detained on Saturday at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York after arriving from Amsterdam.


He was accused of killing Laurie Houts, a computer engineer who was found strangled in her automobile in Mountain View at 25.

While he waits to be extradited to Santa Clara County, California, Woodward, now 58, is being jailed without bail in New York. 


According to the prosecutor’s office, he was accused of killing Laurie Houts, the girlfriend of his roommate. Apparently, DNA on a rope led authorities to Woodward.

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