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John Motson Son Frederick Motson Has A Wide Research Interest In Law

Frederick Motson is a law lecturer in london
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John Motson has a son Fredrick Motson who is a professional law Lecturer. Fredrick is British and a resident of England.

From the late 1970s to 2008, Motson dominated the BBC's football coverage, establishing his name and reputation and delighting his family.

While his son started his career at the University of Westminster, where he eventually rose to the positions of lecturer and senior lecturer. In order to start a family, Fred relocated outside of London and left Westminster in 2016.

Sports law, real estate law, environmental law, contract law, and tort law are just a few of Fred's many research interests. His father has also been interested in these areas.

The father and son still talk frequently and are very close. Rather than being father and son, they resemble best friends.

John Motson Son Frederick Motson

John Motson has a son named Frederick Motson with his wife Anne in 1986.

The father and son have a strong bond and a relationship where they feel comfortable sharing everything. Despite the father's fame as a pundit, his son has always been a fan of his voice.

John Motson Son Frederick Motson loves his father commentary
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Additionally, his son took a different path and became a law lecturer, becoming well-known in that industry in London. Regarding how technology can influence or alter the practice of law as well as how law reacts to technological advancements, Fred is particularly interested in the intersection of law and technology.

The usage of the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) in professional football is Fred's main area of focus. His research will look at how much legal theory, especially that of Ronald Dworkin, can be instructive. Fred is interested in football because his father is a fan of the game.

He aims to help match officials with their preparation, training, and job duties. Simon Lee and Simon Gardiner, professors, will be in charge of watching over him.

John Motson Son Is A Law Lecturer

John Motson son Frederick Motson is a law lecturer in London England.

Along with lecturing on undergraduate and graduate courses at the University of Buckingham, working for Kaplan Open Learning at the University of Essex, and working for BPP University on their LPC and LLB programs, he also juggles a variety of other roles that are centered on teaching and assessment.

John Motson son Frederick Motson is a lecturer and his father biggest fan
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He had a position as the Partnership Curriculum Leader for Law at the University of Northampton, and he also kept close ties to the field by offering continuing legal education to attorneys through Central Law Training.

Additionally, he continues to combine his work at the Open University with his responsibilities as the Bar Standards Board's marking team leader and The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives' Chief Examiner and Reviewer.

A number of Fred's upcoming initiatives are devoted to the latter, with a focus on how legal representations in science fiction might influence current legal policy.

Frederick Motson Talks About Bowel Cancer With His Father In A Video

Frederick Motson talks about bowel cancer with his father in an Interview.

Where his father told in the video that he was taken by surprise when a location hospital send a letter saying he should take a test for bowel cancer when he got to the hospital and checked the doctor said he got a tumor.

Frederick Motson father was treated for bowel cancer.
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Frederick was very afraid to know that his father has been diagnosed with bowel cancer knowing that 43 people die in a day from that disease his father being someone who has been with him all his life and knowing he might not be there was terrifying for him.

Bowel cancer is treatable but the earlier you get diagnosed the more successful the treatment will be, his father was diagnosed early and was treated very early and the treatment was very straight forward which saved his fathers' life.