Who Is Joy Downer? Everything To Know About The Musical Artist On Instagram

Joy Downer performing at the Late Late Show

Joy Downer ventured into the music world after her impressive debut album "Paper Moon" in June 2020. 

With the help of her husband, Jeffrey Downer, Downer made this album at their home studio. So no outer big studios or names involved; just she and her other half doing everything they can to make her dreams come true.

"Yeah, I made this album at my home in Los Angeles with my husband," she said in an interview. She also said that when everyone struggled through the pandemic, they managed to make the self-made record at home, which was a fantastic result of the epidemic.

Who Is Joy Downer? Musical Artist Wikipedia Facts

Joy Downer, formerly Joy Bishop, was reared in the Mormon/LDS Church in Jamal, California, as one of 10 children.

She was raised with a strong musical foundation. Her family had a trampoline where she frequently wounded herself, fruit trees, horses, and a pink home with blue carpeting set on top of a hill. 

Downer frequently observed her mother listening to musicals and playing the piano. At the same time, her father, a high school drummer, enjoyed performing Beatles tunes and enjoying vintage rock n' roll and country music.

Even though she isn't a church member, the singer has happy memories of almost everyone singing and playing instruments. She attributes her love of music to those formative years as a youngster.

Joy made the brave decision to leave her job in 2015 to devote herself fully to her music profession. Her first EP, "Radio Dreamer," was launched after three years. Joy is certain that pursuing her musical career was the right choice in the past.

Joy Downer is a musician and songwriter
Joy Downer is a musician and songwriter( Source : Images )

Joy Downer Age in 2022

Based on her appearance, Joy Downer is probably in her late 20s or early thirties. Her date of birth is still a mystery for her admirals as she has not revealed much of her personal information.

She adopted songwriting as a study aid in elementary school to improve her memory. As Downer grew older, her songs took on more romantic tales. Joy recalls how her high school lover recommended she sell one of her early songs to "a real singer like Britney Spears" when she shared it with him.

Downer attended home school during her senior year of high school to focus more on her modeling profession, which she pursued for eight years and allowed her to travel and live abroad.

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Joy Downer's Beloved Husband Jeffrey Downer and Her Daughter

Together with her musician husband, Jeffery Downer, the two produces some intriguing and addictive music with varied style. The person who enabled the couple's meeting in the first place was the singer's brother Jon.

Downer accepted her brother Jon Bishop's offer to travel to San Diego to visit him when he was recording with his band in 2008 while she was living in New York. She came to live with her brother, only to learn later that he already had a roommate.

Joy Downer with her daughter Hazel
Joy Downer with her daughter Hazel( Source : Grimygoods )

But because he thought Joy and Jeffery might be musically compatible, he suggested they live together. And the rest is history. The couple's creative collaboration is such that, at least on the surface, ideas and melodies appear to flow effortlessly.

Aside from the rising talent in the music world, she is also a mother. Downer has a 10-year-old daughter, and her name is Hazel. She seems to get along with her and wants to give her everything.

Many mothers may relate to her experience as a new mother all too well. Her story as a mother and a musician has to be spoken and heard so that other women in the music, entertainment, and creative sectors can understand that they are not the only ones going through difficult times.

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