Who Is Julia Merekoulias On TikTok? Age and Biography In Nutshell

Julia Merekoulias is a social media influencer from Toronto who is on the rise. ( Source : Instagram )

Julia Merekoulias is one of the rising social media influencers, and her content has taken Tiktok by storm. From dances to designer hauls, she's got it all in her videos. She is both attractive and charming, which is another reason for her massive fan base.

Julia Merekoulias Rose To Fame On TikTok

Julia Merekoulias goes by the handename @juliamerekoulias on Tiktok. She has a total of 484.5 thousand followers on the platform.

Merekoulias went viral on social media in no time after posting a lip-sync video. Most of her posts easily reach 100K marks and in total, her contents have amassed 10 million likes.


now what’s this supposed to mean🤨🧐

♬ masquerade - </3

Besides Titkok, Merekoulias also has an active profile on Snapchat and a channel on Youtube, with more than 3.2 thousand subscribers. 

Who Is Julia Merekoulias? Her Wikipedia Bio

Julia Merekoulias is a Canadian digital content creator. She is originally from Toronto.

In 2018, she started a self-titled Instagram account and began uploading images of herself. Soon her Tiktok account quickly clogged with new followers as a result of her dancing to popular songs and amazing physique. Her dance video set to Young Thug's "Relationship" has been seen over 400,000 times.

Merekoulias has also done lots of modeling works and has appeared in many campaigns. In fact, she appears to have her own clothing brand. 

Her net worth is estimated to be around $130,000, based on her earnings from social media and business endorsements.

How Old Is Julia Merekoulias?

Julia Merekoulias is 19 years of age and she was born in the year 2003. Her birthday falls on June 17.

Her zodiac sign is Gemini, according to astrology. Merekoulias' zodiac sign is undeniably compatible with her personality. She, like other Gemini women, is attractive, gregarious, passionate, and intellectual.

If we talk about her physical attributes, Merekoulias stands at the height of 5 feet 6 inches, and her body mass is 59 kg. Her hair color is blonde and her eye color is brown. 

Meet Julia Merekoulias' Boyfreind On Instagram

Julia Merekoulias has worked with Tony Lopez, another Tiktok star who is also rumored to be Merekoulias' boyfriend.

Two have collaborated on a video called "@tonylopez__ I love your new dance!!". With the release of their video, fans speculated that the two dated in past. Although, both the stars have never publically confessed their relationship.

Merekoulias loves her pet dog named Benji, whom she's featured on her Instagram account. The Toronto-based influencer goes by the handle name @juliamerekoulias on the platform, and she has amassed a total of 445 thousand followers. 

We conducted an extensive investigation on her parents and siblings, i.e., her family, but we were unable to obtain sufficient results. We will update this site as soon as we learn more about her family.