Has Karlie Redd Had A Plastic Surgery? New Face Look And No Makeup Photos Of Actress

Concern has been raised about Karlie Redd, a star of “Love & Hip Hop,” after a recent image surfaced online that her face had changed from the one her fans were used to seeing.

The American rapper and model Redd rose to fame thanks to her engagement with the VH1 reality television program Scream Queens and its spin-off show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. 

According to a study carried out by a language analytics business, Redd’s performances in the program’s fifth season generated 16% of all the dynamic responses to the program gleaned from online data, with the majority being unfavorable.

Hot Take: Karlie Redd Plastic Surgery

Karlie Redd has addressed accusations that she has had plastic surgery in the press. The Love & Hip Hop diva recently appeared on her Instagram Live to deny rumors that she underwent facial plastic surgery.

It all began when @RookieBowHunts, a Twitter user, posted a 2015 image of the rapper on the platform. A screenshot showing Redd’s appearance in the present was uploaded alongside the photograph.

People were astounded when a photo of Karlie with larger lips and sharper cheeks appeared on social media. Next to a side-by-side photo collage of Redd, one Twitter user remarked, “She completely ruined herself.”

Since then, many detractors have turned to social media and posted unfavorable remarks about the reality star’s new appearance. However, the media star assured her admirers that it is only small lip injections and refused to undergo further cosmetic procedures.

Addressing the plastic surgery fuss, Redd responded, “Let’s keep it real. I got lip injections.” she added, “That’s all I got on my face. I have not had surgery.”

Karlie Redd No Makeup & New Face – Rapper Before And After Photos

The 48-year-old television personality has been a topic of discussion for the past couple of hours after her new face photo surfaced on the internet. It looked like she had no makeup on and her face looked distorted.

According to official information, Karlie Redd did get some lip filler injections. Her lips before and after tells the difference. Many of her followers took notice of her Instagram posts and explained her lip surgery in a tweet.

The star’s high cheekbones and larger lips caught the anxious Twitter user’s attention. Based on their tweet, they didn’t appear very pleased with Redd’s remarkable turnaround.

The Tweet quickly reached Redd, and the Scream Queens star lost no time clearing the air on cosmetic surgery rumors. The reality star told the audience that she did not have her lips done but instead injected her lips with fillers.

On top of that, she disputed rumors that her nose had undergone cosmetic surgery. The shape of my nose has never changed. She also addressed her daughter as having the same nose line and called it inheritance.


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Karlie Redd New Surgery Looks And Facts

Karlie Redd denied having any facial surgery, and the fact that many internet users are so concerned about her appearance makes her uneasy. 

Several people, including numerous YouTubers, were still not persuaded. They are even more anxious that she denied the truth about her surgery. 

Amidst the barrage of criticism, many still pleaded for compassion. One admirer said, “She’s still very lovely, but it’s awful what society has done to make us pursue youth.”

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