Who is Karol Noboa? Actress Career and Relationship Timeline With Pato Borja

Karol Noboa Y Pato Borja’s relationship is a long-ended love story. What happened? Find out. 

Noboa is a radio host, TV personality, and social media influencer. Fans are used to hearing her voice in El Mundo de Cabeza in FM Mundo for 2 hours every week.  

However, Karol’s personal life is still lesser known to many. Many don’t know that she used to date another RJ Pota Borja years back. 

Karol Noboa Y Pato Borja Relationship

Karol Noboa Y Pota Borja are no longer in a relationship. 

Noboa and Borja were once a power couple in Ecuador’s radio industry. However, the fairytale ended more than a decade ago.

After 14 years of love and friendship, the former lovers parted ways in 2010. The two cited that the separation was mutual and they still loved and respected each other. 

Though they did not disclose the real reason behind the break-up, people speculated a combination of financial issues, closure of La Mega Radio Station, and indecisiveness in commitment to marry as the many reasons behind the separation. 


Nonetheless, both Karol and Pota have since moved on from the old love.

Karol Noboa is currently dating Juan Jose. The lovebirds are already engaged and have been in a relationship for nearly 6 years. 

Meanwhile, Pota retired from the Radio industry in 2022. He now wants to focus on new social media and communication ventures. 


Karol Noboa Wikipedia – Get to Know the Radio Host 

Karol Noboa is a well-known radio host for El Mundo de Cabeza in FM Mundo. And, she has an experience of over 25 years in the industry.

Despite her fame in Ecuador, Karol Noboa still doesn’t have Wikipedia. But, you can follow Karol Noboa on Instagram with more than 130 thousand followers as of today. 

The RJ loves posting her fashion stories. The fashionista is the founder of Trend by Karol Noboa clothing line, which is sold at national and international exits of Quito’s Mariscal Sucre Airport. 

Besides, Karol is also the face of several brands, including Toyota, Pandora, and Óptica Los Andes in Ecuador. Moreover, she is also on her way to developing a new collection with Grupo Mantra. 

How Old is Karol Noboa En Edad?

Karol Noboa En Edad or age seems around 30s or 40s. However, her exact date of birth is not known.

Noboa developed her passion for radio at an early age. As a child, the host used to sing radio jingles using her father’s microphone. Likewise, her upfront personality (which she reportedly got from her mother) helped her to connect with her audience.


Recently, Karol Noboa is putting her projects aside to fulfill her dream of becoming a mother. However, the journey of motherhood hasn’t been easy for the host.

Several years ago, Noboa lost her baby with Juan following a curettage that affected her endometrium. This has made her cervix inhospitable for new embryos and she is opting out of medical procedures like artificial fertilization.

Moreover, she is also planning for an intimate wedding very soon. After years of professional success, it seems like Karol has finally got time for her personal life. 

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