Netizens Search Laurence McKenna Muslim Wife And True Geordie Wife Amid Laurence McKenna And True Geordie Joke Controversy

Laurence McKenna’s Muslim wife, Fluttura McKenna, became a topic of discussion after True Geordie’s recent comments. 

Fluttura McKenna, the wife of Laurence McKenna, is a practicing Muslim. And True Geordie making a racist comment towards the Muslim community, has many questioning his friend Laurence for not standing up for his wife’s religion.

The famous YouTuber made a video directed at the controversial figure Andrew Tate who had recently converted to Islam. Geordie made a shocking comment saying Tate should blow himself up to prove his devotion to Islam.

Since then, the internet has chastised Geordie for his comments, leading him to make an apology video titled. “I’m Sorry.” Tate has also spoken up about the comment saying that the YouTuber is stupid and has insulted his and the religion of billions.

Laurence McKenna Muslim Wife – Meet Fluttura McKenna

Fluttura McKenna is the Muslim wife of Laurence McKenna. While not much is known about the early days of the couple’s relationship, the social media star and his wife are now a family of four.

The couple welcomed their first child in March 2020 and recently welcomed their second child on August 11. Laurence is not shy when it comes to sharing his love for his wife on social media, often posting Instagram tributes for her.

Laurence McKenna shared a picture of him and his wife Fluttura McKenna on their 9 year anniversary on November 23, 2021
Source : instagram

The couple will soon celebrate their 10-year-anniversary on November 23, and last year Laurence shared a thread of photos of him and his wife to his Instagram handle.

Previously on the True Geordie podcast, Laurence talked about celebrating Ramadan with his wife. McKenna fasted for all 30 days and explained all the rules followed during the celebration.

During the conversation, Geordie pointed out that his longtime friend was fasting for the sake of earning some sort of brownie points and thought he looked disheveled the first time he fasted during Ramadan. 

Laurence McKenna shared a picture with his son on November 17, 2021 and became a father of another child earlier this year on August
Source : instagram

It’s tough to keep up with the better half of Laurence as she does not have a known public Instagram account. She has a private account with the username @fluttura where she has racked up 13.2 k followers.

After the controversy between Geordie and McKenna gained traction on the internet, Fluttura was dragged into the conversation as many questioned how Laurence could hear that when his wife is a Muslim.

True Geordie Wife – Meet Holly Marie Davis

Holly Marie Davis is the wife of True Geordie. The famous YouTuber has tried his best not to talk about his life outside of the YouTube realm in his podcast and social media handle.

Many even think that True Geordie is an unmarried man as he hasn’t dedicated any podcast episode to his better half or given the slightest hint about what it is like to have a family, as the YouTuber also has a son.

A Twitter user dug deep to find out True Geordie's wedding pictures which happen to be of 2013
Source : twitter

In 2013, Geordie, whose real name is Brian Davis, posted a Facebook status where he wrote, “Wife has supplied the essentials for tonight – Indian curry and beer. If I do a review one, it will be a messy one for sure! Does anyone else fancy a cup upset? Newcastle to win lol!”

On September 6, 2018, Holly updated her cover photo with Brian playing in the pool with his son. Brian probably doesn’t show his son much as he disagrees with showing kids on YouTube.

Holly Marie, the wife of True Geordie shared a photo of the Youtuber and their son on Facebook in 2018
Source : imgur

A Twitter user even went as far as discovering Geordie’s marriage day photograph with his wife and a lot more Facebook status, which seems to have been deleted by the YouTuber now.

In the past fans have questioned whether the YouTuber has cheated on his wife, as many controversial DMs of his had been leaked on the internet. Football fans will not forget those Instagram direct messages leaked in 2019 that the YouTuber said were real.

Laurence McKenna And True Geordie Joke Controversy

Laurence McKenna and True Geordie made a controversial joke which has now led them to get attacked on the internet. During the podcast on Sunday, Geordie made a shocking comment, which has caused an uproar amongst his fans.

At this point, everyone is familiar with the controversial figure Andrew Tate who is banned from social media platforms earlier this year for his misogynistic and controversial comments.

True Geordie and Andrew Tate have been feuding with each other for the past few months with Geordie making Islamophobic comments on Sunday
Source : yahoo

Geordie and Tate had been going back and forth, with rumors of a boxing match between the two swirling as well on the internet.

And when fans asked whether we will ever see the two in the boxing ring, Laurence and Geordie joked that he wouldn’t stand a chance as God is on Tate’s side referencing Andrew’s recent conversion to Islam.

But it was the remark that followed which caused the real controversy. Geordie said Tate should “blow himself up” to prove his devotion to Islam.

True Geordie shared a Tweet which linked to his YouTube video where he apologized for his racist remark
Source : twitter

Tate has hit back at the YouTuber and said, “There are very few people I dislike, one of them is True Geordie.” He further went on to say that Geordie was insulting all Muslims worldwide with his racist comments.

McKenna and Geordie have since apologized for their comments, and on November 8, Geordie published a 20-minute-long video titled “I’m Sorry”. The controversy has led Gymshark to suspend their relationship with him indefinitely. 

Some FAQs

Who is Laurence McKenna wife?

Laurence McKenna wife is Fluttura McKenna, a muslim.

Who is True Geordie wife?

True Geordie wife is Holly Marie Davis.

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