Who is Lismercedes Ortiz? 5 Facts To Know About Luis Ortiz Boxer Daughter

Luis Ortiz is a professional boxer from Cuba who was inspired to come into the world of professional boxing by his 10-year-old daughter. He competed twice for the WBC heavyweight championship in 2018 and 2019 and won the WBA interim heavyweight belt from 2015 to 2016.

At the 2005 Boxing World Cup, he took home a silver medal. Ortiz is referred to as King Kong and is renowned for his powerful punches and shotmaking abilities. He was rated as the eighth-best active heavyweight in the world by The Ring magazine and the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board in 2021.

Who is Lismercedes Ortiz?

Lismercedes Ortiz, the adorable 10-year-old girl battling a skin illness, is the daughter of the renowned boxer Luis Ortiz. At age 30, the fighter began his profession after being inspired by his daughter.

Despite having a late start to his professional career, The Ring Magazine and Transnational Boxing Ranking Boards presently have him as the eighth best active heavyweight in the world. He started boxing to help his daughter, born with a severe epidermolysis bullosa, a rare medical skin disorder.

Lismercedes Ortiz The Daughter Of The Renowned Boxer Luis Ortiz
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Ortiz moved out of Cuba in 2009, so his daughter could receive the proper care. He was allowed to return 30 months later with his wife Lindsey, eight months pregnant, and daughter Lismercedes. Currently one of the most feared boxers in the heavyweight division, Ortiz resides and trains with Herman Caicedo in Miami.

5 Facts To Know About Luis Ortiz Boxer Daughter

Luis Ortiz, one of the best Cuban heavyweights of all time, continues to be one of the most feared fighters in his class as he prepares to become the first-ever Cuban Heavyweight Champion.

Behind all this glory and fame, there is a sad story that melts the heart of people, especially after learning about the dedication and devotion of a father towards the well-being of his child.

The heavyweight boxer claims every action of his is to provide the best treatment for his daughter suffering from a rare yet deadly skin disease. Along with Oritz, his daughter is also getting recognition recently because of the love and dedication shown by her father towards her.

 Luis Ortiz Made His Boxing Debut On 16 February 2010
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Here are some fantastic facts about Luis Ortiz that you might haven’t heard before.

  1. Lismercedes Ortiz, the daughter of Luis Ortiz, has epidermolysis bullosa, a very rare skin condition. The skin of those with this illness is thin and prone to scorching. In addition, the situation is susceptible since those with it only have one layer of skin, whereas healthy individuals have three layers. After her daughter’s illness, the boxer had a challenging moment in his life. According to sources, he traveled to the United States to receive therapy for her daughter, but he became engaged in boxing due to his financial situation.
  2. Presently, Lismercedes Ortiz resides in the United States with her father. Ortiz and his daughter relocated to the USA to receive medical care in 2010. They endure significant hardship in the USA due to their financial situation. But Ortiz struck it fortunate and made a name for himself as a professional boxer in the United States. He is making all efforts to recover her daughter’s health.
  3. Luis Ortiz is the ambassador of the epidermolysis bullosa disease, which Lismercedes suffers from. The boxer addressed how this illness has impacted his daughter, his family, and himself. He promised to do all his power to raise awareness of this illness.
  4. Lismercedes is ten years old and was born in Cuba. Currently, Lismercedes Ortiz resides in Florida, USA, with her family, including her mother, Lisdey Ortiz, and her father, Luis Ortiz.
  5. The family of Lismercedes consists of her parents and two brothers. Her father entered America across the Mexican border on a boat in 2009. The family reunited in the USA in 2012 when Luis became a recognized professional boxer.


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