Marijana Veljovic Plastic Surgery Adds Years To Her Face

Marijana Veljovic looks unrecognizable after her fans speculated she might have overdone her fillers and botox
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Marijana Veljovic plastic surgery became the talk of the town after she was spotted with a puffier face. Veljovic is currently on duty at the Australian Open.

The 35-year-old Marijana Veljovic is no stranger to getting comments about her face. She steals the limelight whenever she is officiating a game, whether it is for her umpiring skills or her gorgeous face.

But fans of the umpire have noticed that she might have overdone her cosmetic procedure as it left her looking a bit bloated and different from her previous sharp features.

Though Marijana hasn't confirmed any of the work done on her face, fans can't help but ask why she felt the need to go under the knife.

Marijana Veljovic Before And After Plastic Surgery Photos

Marijana Veljovic underwent plastic surgery to get a nose job and fix the area around her eyes. At least, that is what the tweets have been claiming.

Veljovic might have gone under the knife as fans spotted the umpire looking completely different than her usual self. 

The 35-year-old Marijana Veljovic is one of the leading ladies in tennis when it comes to umpiring. She has officiated several top games, including Australian Open and Wimbledon finals.

Marijana Veljovic has set pulses racing with her beauty in 2020 as she officiated the match between Roger Federer against Tennys Sandgren at the Australian Open 2020
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Not only has she been praised for her umpiring skills but also for her beauty. She became a sensation in 2020 for her looks in Roger Federer's match against Tennys Sandgren at the Australian Open.

But it also led to controversies after the disgraced tennis legend Boris Becker, 52, commented about her beauty as he said Marijana was extremely pretty and that "you eat with your eyes."

Marijana Veljovic pictured in 2021 during her duty at the French Open
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There's no doubt that several tennis fans have become a fan of Marijana for her umpiring skills cause she doesn't mind taking on the star players and correcting them on the court.

But many have also been fans of her looks and when she looked completely different in the Australian Open second-round game of Rafael Nadal vs Mackenzie McDonald, they couldn't help but comment on social media pages about what she had done to her face.

Veljovic sharp features looking completely alters in the new photos as she seems to have had cheek fillers and botox
Source : twitter

Marijana's face looked much puffier, and her nose was a bit more rounded than her sharper one previously. Some fans pointed out that even in her before pictures, Velijovic had some work done to her face, including lip fillers.

Though in before pictures, the work she had done on her face wasn't much visible in the current snaps, anyone with one look can say that Marijana has sadly fallen victim to surgeries.

Social Media Reaction After Marijana Veljovic Plastic Surgery

Marijana Veljovic looks years older than her age of 35 after going to a plastic surgeon.

Most fans of Marijana Veljovic have expressed their sadness on social media pages after looking at her altered face.

Though plastic surgeries have become a common norm of beauty nowadays, a failed one certainly makes a lot of noise on social media. Some brave ones accept their surgeries, whereas others say only a drop of mascara has done the magic to their face. 

On Reddit, some tennis fans were livid seeing Marijana's transformation. Many speculated she had a nose job and fillers in most parts of her face, including her chin and cheeks.

Many Reddit users seemed unhappy with Marijana and her latest look after they speculated she might have gotten fillers and a nose job
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But these speculations aren't new as in the Tennis Forum as some fans had already hinted that the umpire had done major stuff to her face in 2021, but it was not noticeable as she looked completely natural. 

One Reddit user even called out other tennis fans hypocrisy saying no one batted an eye when she looked pretty with her plastic surgeries
Source : reddit

One Reddit user even called out the hypocrisy of others and said Marijana was praised for her beauty in 2020 when she had already done work to her face, and she is only being called out now because she had overdone it, which is also a fair point. 

It is sad that many people think it's necessary to change themselves to fit into the current beauty standard. The new wave of buccal fat removal, which has taken over Hollywood, is one of the latest examples that even the prettiest people in the world feel insecure about their beauty.

Likes on social media pages are now considered as whether people like your new cosmetic enhancement, and when they don't, what will you do? Go back to the surgeon to ask for your previous face.