Marion Feichtner Age and Net Worth 2022: Dietrich Mateschitz Wife

Marion Feichtner is 39 years old, she is the partner of Austrian billionaire and RedBull co-founder Dietrich Mateschitz. 

Dietrich holds a pilot’s license in addition to owning the Falcon 900 and Piper Super Cub aircraft. It is known that he attended the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration for a total of ten years before earning his degree.

He is renowned for making large donations to a variety of projects that benefit both society and the individual. The energy drink company’s entry into racing, which started in the mid-1990s, was spearheaded by Mateschitz, who owned 49% of the company.

He was employed by Unilever before joining Blendax, a Procter & Gamble-owned German cosmetics company. Dietrich Mateschitz learned about Red Bull’s precursor, Krating Daeng while traveling for work.

Krating Daeng was a beverage created by Chaleo Yoovidhya. In conjunction with Sauber, Red Bull made their F1 debut in 1995. By the time the partnership terminated at the end of 2001, Red Bull had increased its ownership to 60%.

Quick Facts About Marion Feichtner

Full Name Marion Feichtner
Age 39
Partner Dietrich Mateschitz

Marion Feichtner Age: How Old Is She?

Marion Feichtner is 39 years old as she was born in 1983. She is a longtime partner of Red Bull founder Dietrich Mateschitz. 

Dietrich Mateschitz's long time partner Marion Feichtner is 39 years old.
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Her partner Dietrich Mateschitz, on the other hand, is 78 years old. Dietrich was born in Sankt Marein im Murztal, Styria, Germany on May 20, 1994.

His father’s family originates in Maribor, while his mother’s family is from Styria. Dietrich was raised by parents who were both primary school teachers before they divorced when he was a small kid.

Marion has maintained a low profile and kept her personal information hidden from the media. 

Marion Feichtner Net Worth 2022

Marion Feichtner’s net worth is around 5 million dollars; she has been running her travel agency in Salzburg, “The Travel Birds.”

Her longtime partner Dietrich Mateschitz and two-time motocross world champion Heinz Kinigadner formed the “Wings for Life” charity, which is also located in the same building.

Dietrich Mateschitz is the Austrian billionaire founder and owner of Red Bull.
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By converting an Asian beverage to Western preferences, Mateschitz amassed enormous wealth. According to Forbes, Dietrich had an estimated net worth of $27.4 billion, making him the wealthiest person in the Alpine EU member.

In 2019, Red Bull sold 7.5 billion cans worldwide, providing more than 80% of the world’s population with caffeine. Red Bull was first put on the market in 1987 after a Thai energy drink recipe was altered and a marketing strategy was created.

The bubbly, fizzy, sweet beverage, whose flavor is compared to gummy bears, advanced to become the market leader following a challenging market introduction. In 2021, the company had a 7.8 billion euro revenue and sold 9.8 billion Red Bull cans globally.

Marion Feichtner Wikipedia

Marion Feichtner is not listed on the Wikipedia page. She is well-known as the long-time partner of Austrian billionaire businessman Dietrich Mateschitz.

Marion is running her travel agency in Salzburg “The Travel Birds.” Her partner Dietrich is listed on the Wikipedia page. He co-founded Red Bull GmbH and owned a 49% stake in the company.

Together with Heinz Kinigadner, he co-founded the foundation Wings for Life, which promotes spinal cord research. To raise money, the charity has hosted the Wings for Life World Run since 2014.

Through commercial sponsorship, Mateschitz’s goods are continuously promoted as being related to the physical and psychological qualities required for various extreme sports. Previously, Red Bull was the primary sponsor of the Sauber Formula One racing team and owned more than 60% of it.

Red Bull Racing’s Sebastian Vettel helped the team win the 2010 Formula One World Constructors’ and Drivers’ Championships. In the following three years, 2011, 2012, and 2013, they went on to win both championships, making Vettel and Red Bull Racing four-time world champions.

Dietrich Mateschitz Passed Away After Long Illness

Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz passed away at the age of 78 after a long period of illness.
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Dietrich Mateschitz, a co-owner of Red Bull, passed away at the age of 78. Mateschitz’s demise news was announced by Red Bull racing team representatives at the US Grand Prix in Austin, Texas.

Christian Horner, the team manager for Red Bull, paid tribute to Mateschitz just before Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez entered their vehicles for the U.S. race’s qualifying.

Mateschitz rose to fame as the public face of Red Bull, an Austrian-Thai business that claims to have sold approximately 10 billion cans of its caffeine and taurine-based beverage in 172 nations worldwide last year.

Mateschitz created sports, media, real estate, and culinary empire centered on the energy drink in addition to aiding in its global acclaim.

Dietrich Mateschitz Owned Team Red Bull

Dietrich Mateschitz also owned Team Red Bull, which raced in the K&N Pro Series East and the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series from 2006 to 2011.

He purchased the A1-Ring racing facility in late 2004 and changed its name to Red Bull Ring, the previous Formula One Austrian Grand Prix site. In May 2011, the track reopened, and the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters season featured a round there.

From 2006 through 2011, Mateschitz also owned Team Red Bull, a team that raced in the K&N Pro Series East and the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.
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Red Bull revealed in July 2013 that the Austrian Grand Prix would return to the Formula One World Championship in 2014. Mateschitz had his hangar with a collection of vintage aircraft, including the final Douglas DC-6B ever made and formerly owned by Yugoslav Marshal Josip Broz Tito.

Additionally, he supported the Taurus Foundation, which aids injured stunt performers, by sponsoring the World Stunt Awards, an annual fundraiser.

He purchased the American team MetroStars in March 2006 after purchasing the Austrian football team SV Austria Salzburg in April 2005. After his well-known beverage, both clubs were renamed Red Bull Salzburg and New York Red Bulls.

A Brazilian football team called Red Bull Brasil was established by Red Bull in Campinas in 2007. In 2014, the team was promoted to the first level of the So Paulo championship, the nation’s most competitive state competition.

Dietrich Mateschitz Has One Son

Dietrich Mateschitz never got married, but he did have a son named Mark Gerhardter with Anita, a former girlfriend who worked as a ski instructor. Later, Dietrich started dating Marion Feichtner.

Dietrich Mateschitz has a son named Mark Gerhardter from his previous relationship with ski-instructor, Anita.
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Mark Mateschitz has been a part of his mother Anita Gerhardter’s “Wings for Life” management group since the beginning of 2022.

Prior to leading Mark Mateschitz Beteiligungs GmbH in 2021, Mark Mateschitz had held the position of managing director of Thalheimer Heilwasser GmbH for nearly four years.

A Red Bull empire real estate firm called deaurea is owned by this company to the tune of 34%. Dietrich Mateschitz thought about Mark Mateschitz as a prospective Red Bull successor in 2011. He is still seen as a prospective heir to the corporate empire.

As a way of preparing him for taking over the company, he asserts that shortly after turning 18, his father gave him a half-share in the “Dietrich Mateschitz Verwaltungs OG.”

Some FAQs

Is Marion Feichtner married?

Marion Feichtner isn’t married. She has been in a long-term relationship with Dietrich Mateschitz.

How old is Marion Feichtner?

Marion Feichtner is 39 years old, she was born on 1983.

What is the net worth of Marion Feichtner?

Marion Feichtner’s net worth is under review, however, she is running her own travel agency in Salzburg, “The Travel Birds”.

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