How Did Michelle Ackerley Loose Weight? Her Diet And Exercise Tips

BBC Watchdog presenter Michelle Ackerley is loved by fans for her presenting skills and gorgeous figure. So, let us discover the secret behind the anchor’s weight loss journey, exercise routine, and diet.

The journalist and presenter have appeared in so many shows as a presenter or participant that Michelle Ackerley has become a household name.

What has caught the audience’s eyes is her gorgeous fit body, and they want to know how she keeps herself so fit with her busy schedule of working as a journalist.

Michelle Ackerley Weight Loss Journey – Her Exercise Routine And Diet

Michelle Ackerley is a British television host who has worked on the BBC shows like Watchdog, All Over the Place, Crimewatch Roadshow, and many more.

With her latest appearance presenting the show Supermarket Deals: Are They Worth It? Fans want to know the secret behind the anchor’s fit body.

Ackerley revealed that she did not have any strict fitness regimen she follows daily to stay the way she is.

The journalist’s mother is a part-time fitness teacher, and she told her that a gym membership is not the key to staying fit.

So, the presenter does two minutes of squats while brushing her teeth. She believes in making the most of the things available to you.

The British broadcaster added that she takes the stairs instead of lifts and loves to walk up Alderley Edge, which makes up for her exercise routine. She also shared that she is inspired by another fellow TV presenter to stay fit.

Apart from exercising, Michelle tries to keep her diet filled with fresh and healthy food instead of starving herself from food. She claims her go-to foods are fresh chicken and mackerel.

In addition, she does not condone the extreme measures of losing weight or dieting as some shows advise you do.

How Old Is Michelle Ackerley? Age Revealed

Born on July 21, 1984, Michelle Ackerley is 37 years old. She was born and raised in Manchester, England, UK.

The British anchor completed her high school at the Alderley Edge School for Girls and studied Psychology at the University of Manchester.

She started her career as a journalist at 27 in 2011 as an expert in I Want My Own Room in CBBC.

Michelle Ackerley Wikipedia Biography

Michelle Ackerly is widely known for her presenting skills on BBC’s Watchdog and has been active as a journalist for 11 years now since she started in 2011.

Before becoming a presenter, Michelle joined the BBC network in 2005 as a programmer maker and six years later appeared as an Expert in the show I Want My Own Room.

In 2013, she made her big break as a co-presenter in the show All Over the Place, which ran on CBBC for four years.

Ackerley had become a household name when she appeared in the consumer affairs show Watchdog as co-presenter.

The British journalist also worked as a reporter for the BBC show Crimewatch Roadshow. She has also participated in the Celebrity Masterchef.

Michelle’s latest appearance is as the presenter of the Channel 5 shows Supermarket Deals: Are They Worth It?

Michelle Ackerley Husband

Michelle Ackerly does not have a husband yet, but she recently got engaged to her boyfriend, Ben Ryan.

Ben is an Olympic Gold Medal Winning Rugby Coach and the Ambassador of HSBC, Play-Ex Sports, and Fiji Airways.

The couple got engaged on April 5, 2022, and the TV presenter shared this news on her Instagram, writing,

“Nipped out for a morning stroll when this happened…! Happy Wednesday, @benryan7s ??❤️”

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