Novak Djokovic Wife Jelena Djokovic Comments On Water Bottle

Jelena Djokovic, the wife of Novak Djokovic, has talked about the water bottle incident. Yes, the water bottle incident that racked up over 15 million views on Twitter.

Jelena Djokovic commented that there wasn’t anything dodgy in the water bottle and doesn’t understand why wanting to be private has caused an uproar.

The current world no.8 Novak Djokovic’s team came under scrutiny as it appeared that they were mixing up the drinks secretively which were being handed over to him during the Paris Masters Final.

And though if it was to up the Serb’s performance against the Danish teenager, Holger Rune, it didn’t quite help as he went on to lose the game 3-6, 6-3, 7-5. The 21-time grand slam winner will next face Stefanos Tsitsipas in the ATP World Tour Finals.

Novak Djokovic Wife Jelena Djokovic Comments On Water Bottle

Novak Djokovic’s wife, Jelena Djokovic, has commented on the water bottle incident at Paris Masters. 

And even if there was anything in the water bottle, it didn’t help the Serb tennis ace as he lost against the Danish player Holger Rune.

A video posted on Twitter by the journalist Damian Reily went viral where Djokovic’s physio team was seen mixing up his drinks. The British journalist wrote, “Can anyone who knows tennis explain what is going on here, and why it’s being done this way? It looks amazingly dodgy.”

Damian Reilly, the British journalist pointed out that Djokovic's team were being suspicious about his drink
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And the wife of the tennis legend, Jelena Djokovic, certainly wasn’t happy looking at the journalist’s remarks. Jelena went on to retweet another article that was in support of her husband and implied that Damian Reily might have had a secret agenda against her husband.

Then began the back and forth between the two. Jelena replied to the reporter, “I don’t see anything dodgy. In fact, I see people trying to be private about their business in a world everyone feels like they have every right to point a camera at you whenever they want.”

The video has sparked a divide amongst the tennis fanbase as well. Most of the comments have said that it would’ve been better if Jelena hadn’t spoken anything on the controversial video.

Jelena Djokovic fired back at the reporter saying there isn't anything dodgy about the drink and they were being private about their stuff
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This isn’t the first time the Serb has been accused of mixing something in his drink. During the Wimbledon, Djokovic was seen inhaling the contents of a bottle.

Novak later joked that the liquids were magic potions that his physio prepared in his lab. And even at that, it was Damian who had pointed out what was going on in the Djokovic camp. It’s for sure that the journalist is certainly not on Djokovic and Jelena’s favorite list.

Meet Novak Djokovic Wife Jelena Djokovic

Jelena Djokovic, the wife of Novak Djokovic, is a humanitarian. The tennis’s golden couple met during high school and were in a relationship for eight years before getting married in 2013.

Speaking to Hello! Jelena said that two getting together was like science fiction. The two came from a humble family background and didn’t have much money to enjoy the opulent lifestyle that they live right now.

 Laureus World Sportsman of The Year 2019 Nominee Novak Djokovic and wife Jelena Djokovic during the 2019 Laureus World Sports Awards on February 18, 2019 in Monaco, Monaco.
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After she completed her studies, she moved in with Djokovic in Monte Carlo, where she worked with an oil company. But that job almost ended her relationship with the tennis ace.

Jelena would be confined in the office 24/7, and as she wanted their relationship to last, Jelena quit her job and started to travel with Novak on tour. She then started running a charitable foundation in Novak’s name which worked to fund projects for vulnerable children.

As a graduate of Bocconi University, where she earned a degree in luxury brand management, it didn’t come as a shock when Jelena tried her hands at modeling. Jelena became the face of the lingerie and swimwear brand

elena and Novak Djokovic attend the Milan Gala Dinner benefitting the Novak Djokovic Foundation presented by Giorgio Armani at Castello Sforzesco. Milan (Italy), September 20th, 2016
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Jelena runs a podcast named Originalni glass, where she interviews people changing themselves, their environment, the region, and the world. 

And being the better half of one of the fittest athletes in the world, Jelena is seen sharing exercise videos on her Instagram handle. Jelena also tries her best to keep her children away from the public limelight and uses her emojis to cover their faces in the photos. 

Novak Djokovic Children – The Tennis Ace Has Two Children

Novak Djokovic has two children, Stefan Djokovic and Tara Djokovic. He shares both his children with his wife, Jelena Djokovic.

1. Stefan Djokovic

Novak Djokovic’s wife and son, Jelena and Stefan, look down upon Centre Court during Wimbledon in 2018
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Stefan Djokovic, age 8, is the first child of the 21 times Grand Slam Title winner. And like his father, Stefan has already shown early interest in sports.

Speaking to ATP Tour earlier this year, Novak said his son was developing the playing style of his rival Rafael Nadal and copies the follow-through whipping over his head.

Djokovic said, “He likes to do that. He likes to intimidate me on the court by finishing the swing here. He knows I don’t like that particularly. I’m trying to teach him to finish the hand here, the swing, over the shoulder.”

2. Tara Djokovic

Novak Djokovic with son Stefan and daughter Tara after the Paris Masters final in 2021
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Tara Djokovic, age 5, was born on September 20, 2017. And like her elder brother, Tara has also shown interest in tennis but is much more inclined toward ballet. 

During the Pairs Masters week, when Djokovic was quizzed whether his daughter would follow in his footsteps, the Serb said, “She’s more into ballet, and she’s a real girl, and I love that about her. She’s kind of flashy with tennis.”

During last year’s Paris Masters, Tara was seen rooting for her father from the stands as he defeated Damill Medvedev. And maybe the lack of presence of Tara contributed to the Serb’s shocking loss against the Danish teenager this year.

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