Paige Lorenze Got Together With Boyfriend Tommy Paul In October 2022

Insta model Paige Lorenze has a new boyfriend and he is Tennis player Tommy Paul.
Insta model Paige Lorenze has a new boyfriend and he is Tennis player Tommy Paul.( Source : instagram )

Paige Lorenze's new boyfriend is tennis player Tommy Paul.

The two have lately begun posting images of each other on their social media accounts. While they have not confirmed their relationship publicly, it is no longer a secret that they are a couple.

The social media influencer Paige identifies herself on Instagram as an "ex-ski racer creator nature lover thrifter." Lorene, 24, is the founder of Dairy Boy, a famous nightwear fashion brand. 

She was in a relationship with former Bachelorette star Tyler Cameron before her new relationship with Tommy. However, Paige and Tyler were only together for three weeks after they made their affair public before breaking up.

Quick Facts About Paige Lorenze

Full NamePaige Lorenze
Age24 years
Married StatusUnmarried
Father's NameMark Lorenze
Mother's NameNancy Lorenze
Sister's NameWhitney Lorenze
Brother's NameJack Lorenze
Net Worth$400,000

Paige Lorenze New Boyfriend Tommy Paul Is A Tennis Player

Tennis star Tommy Paul is Paige Lorenze's new boyfriend. He is an American tennis player and the winner of the 2021 Stockholm Open.

Concerned users on Reddit have noticed that Instagram model Paige has been posting more often about tennis player Tommy, leading some to speculate that the two may be dating.

Although the pair are attempting to keep their relationship low-key, they have been uploading images of each other on Instagram since early October. It has become an open secret now. Although everyone knows the two are dating, they act as if they have no idea about it.

Paige Lorenze with her boyfriend Tommy Paul in Stockholm, Sweden.
Paige Lorenze with her boyfriend Tommy Paul in Stockholm, Sweden. ( Source : instagram )

Tommy Paul, a tennis player from the United States, advanced to the second round of competition at the 2022 Australian Open. Before transitioning to professionalism the following year, he clinched the boy's singles championship at the French Open in 2015.

He achieved a career-high ranking in the ITF junior competition, moving to position No. 3 in late 2015. Moreover, the 25-year-old athlete won the first ATP final of his career in 2021 at the Stockholm Open by defeating the reigning winner, Denis Shapovalov, in the final match. 

Paul's effectiveness on clay courts may be attributed to his powerful offensive forehand, superb agility along the baseline, and quickness toward the net.

Tommy, trained by Brad Stine, had his best victory by coming back from a set and a breakdown to overcome then-world No. 2 Rafael Nadal in the 2022 Rolex Paris Masters.

Tommy Paul Started Dating Girlfriend Paige Lorenze After Breaking Up With Kiki Passo

As of October 2022, Tommy Paul's new girlfriend is Paige Lorenze. 

Before dating his current girlfriend, Tommy Paul was seeing his ex-girlfriend Kiki Paso.

Kiki Paso and Tommy dated for a year before breaking up. Like his current girlfriend, Paige Lorenze, Kiki works as a model and is influential on several social media platforms.

Tommy Paul and Kiki Paso broke up after a year of relationship. He is now dating his new girlfriend Paige Lorenze.
Tommy Paul and Kiki Paso broke up after a year of relationship. He is now dating his new girlfriend Paige Lorenze. ( Source : sportslumo )

Tennis star Tommy Paul had been seeing Kiki Passo for almost a year; in fact, the pair had celebrated their first relationship anniversary in December 2021. Kiki uploaded the picture of them kissing on her Instagram posts. 

"Can't believe it's already been a whole year with my favorite human. I love you so much!!! Happy anniversary," she wrote. Everyone thought that since they had such good chemistry, their relationship would survive for a more extended period.

However, the unexpected news of their breakup in the middle of 2022 was delivered to their devoted fans, who could not believe it. Not only did Tommy and Kiki stop following each other on social media, but they also cleared all evidence of the time they spent together while they were in love from their socials.

Meet Paige Lorenze Parents And Siglings

The founder of Dairy Boy, Paige Lorenze, was welcomed to the family by parents Nancy Phillips and Mark Lorenze.

She was born in a well-to-do American family on January 26, 1998, in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. Her father, Mark Lorenze, is a doctor by profession and works as an orthopedic surgeon.

Similarly, her mother, Nancy, is a project director and manager for the VIRGO Study, an observation of the treatment process of men and women with AMI. She graduated from Yale University in the Nursing science domain.

Paige Lorenze parents are Mark and Nancy Lorenze.
Paige Lorenze parents are Mark and Nancy Lorenze. ( Source : newsunzip )

Moreover, Paige is not the only child of her parents. She has two siblings, a brother, and a sister, in her family of five, with whom she spent her childhood. Her brother's name is Jack Lorene, and her sister is Whitney Lorenze. 

Some FAQs

Who is Paige Lorenze boyfriend?

Paige Lorenze began dating her new boyfriend Tommy Paul since October 2022. They have been subtle about their relationship.

Is Paige Lorenze married?

No, Paige Lorenze is not married yet. Right now she is in a relationship with tennis star Tommy Paul.

Where are Paige Lorenze parents from?

Paige Lorenze parents Mark and Nancy Lorenze are from Boston, Massachusetts. They raised her with two of her siblings Whitney and Jack.