Pamela Cookey and Husband Stephen Shortland Lovely Wedding At Gilcombe Farm

Pamela Cookey had an adorable wedding ceremony with Stephan Shortland at St Mary Radcliffe Church in Bristol. Stephan is the CEO of SB Group Holdings. 

The couple tied the knot on July 11, 2021, and they went on a honeymoon in different countries like Srilanka and Maldives. 

Stephen Shortland is also a level 4 Rugby Coach
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Cookey is a former netball player from Birmingham, West Midlands. She started playing netball when she was at school and despite facing multiple injuries as an athlete, she continued to strive in her career. 

She was selected to play for England’s National Team when she was under 19 and she made her senior debut in 2004 and played a match against Australia. 

She has won many awards and was active as an athlete until 2015. She now does sports commentary on news channels like BBC and Sky Sports. 

Pamela Cookey Had A Lavish Outdoor Ceremony

Pamela Cookey had a garden wedding with her long-term boyfriend Steve. 

Cookey first posted a picture with Steve back in August 2019. They went to the marriage of their friends Laura and Kes at the Woldingham Golf Club and it was the very first time that Pamela and Steve were seen in a picture together. 

Pamela and Steve also went to the Sigiriya Rocks in Srilanka for hiking
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The couple got hitched in front of their close friends and family and the ceremony was lavish. The actual vow-taking ceremony was held at the St Marys Radcliffe Church in Bristol. The couple looked happy together and the decorations of the reception venue made the pictures come out well. 

Also, since Pamela is of Nigerian descent, they even had some ceremonies related to her culture at the marriage reception. Cookey and her side of the family were beautifully dressed in Nigerian attire and were celebrating together. 

She called her day the best day ever for her and thanked everyone who was a part of their happiness. Pamela even told Steve that she was immensely blessed to be his wife. 

Pamela' and Stephan's big day was organized by Tucker Wilson Events
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The couple went on their honeymoon only in early 2020. They went to two different countries, Srilanka and Maldives. She posted pictures from their honeymoon and they did try out many activities and also did some beautiful explorations. 

Since Srilanka is also known for its scenic beauty, they went hiking, on a jungle safari, on a temple visit, and many more. They went jet skiing, boating, swimming, and many more in the Maldives. 

It has been a year since the couple got married and during their first anniversary, Pamela shared a picture from their special day. She mentioned that the couple is still sharing many adventures, holding hands, and sharing lots of love. 

Who Is Stephen Shortland?

Stephan Shortland is the husband of former netball player Pamela Cookey. Stephan is also the CEO of The SB Group Holdings Ltd in the UK. 

Prior to being a CEO, Stephan is also known for being a sports coach, especially in Rugby. He has worked with many aspiring players and has also been successful at training them well. 

He did his Bachelor’s degree in Education from Carnegie College of Physical Education back in 1990. There he specialized in Physical Education and Mathematics. 

Pamela and Stephan were dressed in the Nigerian attire at their reception
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After that, he went to Loughborough University and took a graduate course in Sports Science and Recreation Management.

Shortland completed his Masters’s in 1991 and after that, the first job he went to was Head of PE along with the Senior House Master at Millfield School. He was a full-time employee there and worked for 10 years. 

In 2008, he applied for the position of the Director of Sports at Wellington College and was lucky enough to score the job. He worked at Wellington till March 2019 and was responsible for raising the standards of sports among the pupils in the college. 

He became a Founder and Director of his own coaching business in January 2019. The business was named Focus 4 Coaching and its main motive was to improve sports coaching and the athlete’s overall experience in different areas. 

Stephan never left the sports industry. Finally, in April 2020, he became the CEO of The SB Group Holdings Ltd. It is a company that invests in different sporting and educational departments, especially around the southeast of England. 

Pamela Cookey Family

Pamela Cookey and her family are originally from Nigeria. The family moved to England long before Pamela was born. 

Growing up, her family always taught her to be self-sufficient. She was told to give the best in her education and priorities so that it would be easier to get the rewards. 

She always loved playing sports and was always told by her parents that she needed to balance her sports and education. Cookey was raised in a multicultural lifestyle. She appreciated the lifestyle that England offered along with her Nigerian heritage. 

The family was quite religious and Christianity was strictly followed in her household. She started playing netball at the end of her primary school and was coached by the best teacher. 

She gives the credit for her success to her parents as well. After her father passed away, it was a sad moment for Pamela and her family. She mentioned that her father had helped her a lot and it was an awful time for her. 

Pamela was called to play for the national team at the age of 17
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Pamela also mentioned that she is close to her mother and always supports her. She was indeed there for her mother and brother at their father’s funeral. 

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