Fiona Bombardier Parents Jean-Michel Bombardier And Josée Chouinard

Fiona Bombardier parents Josée Chouinard and Jean Michel Bombardier are former skaters. Fiona has a twin brother named Noah.

Fiona’s father is a 52-year-old former pair skater from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Her mother is a 53-year-old former competitive figure skater.

Her dad and mom tied the knot in August 1997. The couple divorced after spending nine years as a married couple in 2006. They had their twins, a boy and a girl, in 2005. Chouinard and Bombardier’s kids began pursuing skating without in-house coaching and guidance.

Their daughter is a figure skater who won the bronze medal during her senior debut in the 2023 Canadian figure skating championships. Fiona’s brother also skated till age 12 and played hockey and karate from a young age. Noah is also into music and plays electric guitar. 

Fiona Bombardier Father And Mother Were Also Figure Skaters 

Fiona Bombardier was born to her parents Josée Chouinard and Jean-Michel Bombardier in 2005.

Both her mom and dad are former figure skaters, but she grew up finding her love for the sport. Chouinard and Bombardier married in August 1997 and divorced when their girl wasn’t even one in 2006. 

Fiona is one of the twins born to Jean-Michel Bombardier and Josée Chouinard in January 2005.
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Unlike other athletes getting coached by their loved ones who were also into athletics since their youth, the 17-year-old was unaware of her mother’s achievements until she was ten and didn’t receive any particular advice or in-house coaching. 

Fiona was already skating and competing when she discovered Josee was once Canada’s best and two-time Olympian, which she heard from other skaters.  She has only watched a few videos of the former skaters.

Fiona Father Jean-Michel Bombardier Is A Former Canadian Pair Skater

Jean Michel Bombardier, the beloved father of Fiona, is a former Canadian pair skater.

He competed with Marie-Josée Fortin, Michelle Menzies, and Stacey Ball. With Michelle, Jean won two national titles in 1995 and 1996. The pair also finished in the top ten at three World Championships.

Fiona walked into the woods with her father in November 2020.
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The former pair skater won two gold medals at the 1990 Nebelhorn Trophy and the 1991 Skate America with Stacey. They also won a bronze at the 1991 Canadian Championships and finished 8th at the 1991 World Championships.

The elder Bombardier is in a relationship with Leesa Michelle. He has posted a few beautiful moments they shared on his Instagram. Leesa is also on social media but has maintained a private account under the username @leesa_velenosi.

Fiona Is Josée Chouinard Daughter 

Fiona is the only daughter of the beautiful former competitive figure skater Josée Chouinard. 

Josée was a three-time Canadian champion in the 1990s (1991, 1993, and 1994), and she twice finished fifth at the world championships. She also won bronze in the 1996 Champions Series Final and finished in the top ten at two Winter Olympics.

Fiona's mom, Josée Chouinard, is former Canada’s best and two-time figure skating Olympian.
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The former skater began her coaching career in Laval, Quebec, in 1992.  She went to coach at the Granite Club in Toronto, Ontario, from 2002 to 2017. The coach also trained at the Richmond Training Centre in Richmond Hill, Ontario. 

Her children also pursued the same career she did in her youth without her pressure. Chouinard attended Bombardier’s debut as a senior at the 2023 Canadian figure skating championships, where she landed the third position. The mother-daughter share similar grace and smile.

Fiona Bombardier Sibling Noah Bombardier Is Also An Athlete

Fiona Bombardier twin brother Noah Bombardier plays soccer. Noah was also into skating as a kid.

Fiona and Noah were born in 2005, are 17 years old, and will mark their 18th birthday on the 26th of January, 2023. 

Fiona and Noah celebrated their 11th birthday on the 27th of January, 2016.
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The athlete’s brother skated until he outgrew a pair of skates at 12 and didn’t continue pursuing the sport like his sister. Josée also shared that her son is good in everything he does, and he also plays hockey and karate.

Per his Facebook bio, he is into soccer, mountain biking, music, rap, and playing electric guitar. Noah is a fan of the late American rapper, singer, and songwriter Lil Peep. His Instagram profile is a picture of Peep. 

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