Irish Forward Callum Robinson Parents Are Claire Robinson And Peter Robinson

Callum Robinson is an Irish national team forward whose parents are of mixed nationality. His father is Jamaican, and his mother is of Irish descent.

Born on February 2, 1995, to his mother, Claire Robinson, and father, Peter Robinson, the 27-year-old forward, although he is from Northampton, England, chose to play for the Republic of Ireland, which he is eligible to serve because of his mother’s lineage.

The Cardiff City striker represented England on the international stage at every junior level, including the under-20 team. However, in 2018, Robinson claimed Irish citizenship since his late grandmother Anne Deighan was from Ireland. 

Robinson has since played 33 games for the Republic of Ireland and has netted seven goals. He was in action last night in a friendly match against Norway. The game went 2-1 in Norway’s favor. Moreover, Ireland failed to qualify for the Qatar World Cup 2022, so he will be watching games from his home.

Meet Callum Robinson Parents Claire Robinson And Peter Robinson

Callum Robinson was born Callum Jack Robinson to his incredible parents, Claire Robinson And Peter Robinson.

Callum Robinson uploaded this beautiful picture with his mother Claire on her birthday.
Source : instagram

His parents raised him in Northampton, England. Callum was born to a Jamaican father, Peter Bigh Robinson, and an Irish mother, Claire Robinson. They have always had his back and have had a significant influence on the decisions he’s made about his profession.

Robinson strongly bonds with his parents, particularly his mother, Claire. Several of his Instagram photos include them. On his mother’s birthday, 13 July 2020, Robinson shared a picture of the two of them. On Peter’s birthday, he posted a photo with his father, just as he had with his mom back a month ago.

While Callum was brought up to be a proper English kid, his mother Claire’s connection to the old land, Ireland, would stay strong throughout his life. Claire’s mother, Callum’s grandmother, Anne Deighan, was originally from Monaghan, Ireland.

Robinson’s parents persuaded him to play for his native Ireland rather than England when he reached the age of eligibility. They wanted to preserve the strong family links, and he gladly complied with their request. “It Means More For My Family That I Play For Ireland Than England.” He said.

Former West Brom striker Robinson's father Peter is for Jamaican descent.
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Robinson came up in the senior ranks through the Aston Villa youth system. Before signing a permanent agreement with the club in 2016, he made two loan appearances for Preston while playing for Aston Villa.

Claire Had A Dream To See Him Playing For Ireland

Robinson’s mother, Claire, of Irish descent, wished to see him play in Irish green and represent Ireland.

“My Mum really wanted me to do it. My grandma is from there, and I still have some family members who live there.” the 27-year-old said in 2018 when he had the dilemma of picking his national team.

His grandmother Anne Deighan came to England from Ireland some five decades ago. She eventually met a guy, married him, settled in England, and turn, gave birth to Callum’s mother, Claire.

But Deighan lost her life in an automobile accident when Claire was just a child. Her grandmother’s demise came at a difficult time for her family. As a result, Callum never had a chance to meet her.

Claire has a dream to see him playing for Ireland in Irish green as that would mean a lot for her family and Callum listened to her. He now plays for Republic of Ireland.
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Thus his mother always wanted to see him play for Ireland, for the family, and his grandma. Robinson, at that time, was leaving his mark on England’s junior team, but he preferred his ancestor’s country Republic of Ireland. All of this for a guy who, when he was younger and still considered a potential for Ireland, wasn’t really on anyone’s radar as a prospect for Ireland.

And in a way, he made the right choice by opting to play for the Republic of Ireland rather than the English team because there is a possibility that he would not have been allowed to play for England. 

Especially as a player for an EFL Championship side, when the Three Lions have several outstanding talents up front, including Harry Kane, Calum Wilson, and Marcus Rashford, all of whom are competing in the Premier League.

Callum Robinson Says Family Is Bigger Than Football

Callum Robinson understands the significance of family and the role that it may play in the lives of all people.

If not for his family in Ireland, he would be playing for England, the country of his own, where he was born and raised. Although he played all the caps for junior level in England’s team, he preferred The Republic of Ireland over the Three Lions when he wanted to make his senior debut.

Callum Robinson said how international football has reunited his family. His mother is now in touch with her once lost Irish family because of him.
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Although he could claim Irish citizenship since his grandmother was born in Monaghan, he had little contact with his Irish heritage throughout his life. His grandmother passed away when his mother Claire was barely ten, and his mom lost touch with her family in Ireland.

Robinson was excited about the prospect of playing for Ireland when the chance presented itself. He hoped that she would be pleased with him. He said it was a massive decision and one that would make his mother proud.

And perhaps most significantly, as a direct result of his choice to play for Ireland, his mother has been able to reunite with her family in Ireland and begin communicating with them.

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