Bukayo Saka Brother Abayomi Saka Played For Watford Premier League Side

Bukayo Saka has an older brother named Abayomi Saka. He is the youngest of two children in the family.

And much like Bukayo, his elder brother Abayomi began playing football from an early age with the hope of creating an outstanding career out of football, but things did not go well for him.

Abayomi played for Watford before deciding to focus on his education rather than pursuing a professional career in the sport.

The young Arsenal winger has revealed for the first time that his older brother was a promising footballer at the EFL Championship side Watford before choosing to go to university rather than pursuing a professional career.

Bukayo, 21, is on the way to make his first-ever world cup debut this Monday, November 21, against Iran in the Group B opener. According to the English national team’s manager Gareth Southgate, Saka will likely start the game ahead of his teammate and Man City forward Phil Foden.

Meet Bukayo Saka Brother Abayomi Saka

Bukayo Saka has a brother Abayomi Saka, who many people and his fans want to know.

They are under the impression that Saka is the only child of his parents, mother Adenike and father Yomi Saka. It may be because the promising young Arsenal and England forward has rarely spoken of his brother. Neither has he uploaded any pictures on social media together.

Bukayo Saka seems to be posing with his brother Abayomi as they trip a boat ride on a vacation in 2020.
Source : instagram

The truth, however, is that Saka has a brother named Abayomi, who is older than he is. They are both just a few years apart in age and started playing football before they were even able to walk properly.

When Bukayo and his brother were younger, their father, Yomi, would show them how to play and then play with them in the backyard garden. “From the age of 3 or 4, I would be playing football at home in the garden with my dad and my older brother.” the Arsenal player said on arsenal.com.

Even when his father and brother called it a game, Bukayo was stubborn and used to insist they play longer. The two Saka brothers gradually developed into becoming football players but in different positions.

While Saka loves to take the ball forward rather often and eventually became a winger who preferred to play from the left side of the field, Abayomi, Saka’s elder brother, was more of a defensive player in the past.

Abayomi played as a central defender of Watford until age 14. Then he decided to shift his focus and career to his study and left his brother Bukayo to be the footballer in his house.

Arsenal winger Saka's brother played football until the age of 14. He played in defender for Watford before shifting his focus on education.
Source : instagram

The family moved from Greenford, but Abayomi does not live with them. He joined a university in Reading and now lives there until he finishes his education. However, he is still close to the family and his brother Bukayo, and they often communicate through text and video calls.

Abayomi is very proud of his brother Bukayo’s success as a professional football player, even though he gave up on his own aspirations of being a professional football player.

Bukayo Saka Family Was Originally From Nigeria

Bukayo Saka was born to a Yoruba family consisting of his mother, Adeniki, father, Yomi, and brother Abayomi.

The Yoruba are an ethnic group native to West Africa, and the majority of Yoruba people live in Nigeria. The pursuit of economic opportunity led his parents to leave Nigeria and settle in London.

When Bukayo’s parents emigrated from Nigeria to the United Kingdom in the 1990s, seeking better economic opportunities for themselves and their unborn children, they chose Ealing as their new home.

Bukayo Saka former student of The Edward Betham School makes a return visit to meet young children in March 2022.
Source : co

He was born Bukayo Ayoyinka T. M. Saka on September 5, 2011, in Ealing, Greater London, in a family of four. Along with his parents, he also has an elder brother Abayomi Saka. Both of Bukayo’s parents are devout Christians.

Before signing with Arsenal, Saka was a youth team member for the nearby club Greenford Celtic. The breakthrough England star Bukayo Saka has achieved is capped by the fact that he moved out of the family house in which he was raised.

The young man, now 21, spent his childhood in a home approximately five miles from Wembley with his parents and brothers. His family’s income was not exceptionally high. The family lived in a modest two-story semi-detached house in Greenford.

Nearby, on the community football field, Bukayo would play soccer on the grass after school with his father and brother when he was a little child.

Man of big heart, Bukayo Saka funded 120 children's surgical operation in Nigeria. He is of Nigerian descent as his family were originally from the West African nation.
Source : co

Even though he was born and raised in England, the Nigerian descent inside him will always remain. At the mouth of the 2022 World Cup, the 21-year-old collaborated with a charitable organization to provide funding for 120 life-changing operations for kids living in Nigeria.

“I still feel very connected to Nigeria.”, the Arsenal player said, and he wanted to make a good influence in a country he feels at home.

Bukayo Saka Joined By His Brother Abayomi In New Balance Photoshoot

Bukayo Saka and his brother Abayomi were spotted together during a photo shoot for New Balance.

The youngster agreed on a brand endorsement and sponsor deal with New Balance in 2021. New Balance requested his family’s assistance to shoot his first ad campaign for the company, and his brother was glad to help and join the photoshoot campaign.

In March of 2021, the 21-year-old player, who is now lighting it up on the field for his club and his nation, inked a contract with the American sportswear company New Balance.

Saka with his elder brother Abayomi on the New Balance ads campaign photoshoot in 2021.
Source : facebook

The rising star, now 21, has always confessed that his family has significantly influenced where he is today and that their support for him has been consistent throughout his life.

Being aware of this, New Balance reached out to his family to show their appreciation for their support and asked Saka’s brother to snap the photographs at the first photo session that Saka did for the brand.

And his brother Abayomi was glad to comply. He even captured some of the photographs. Saka joined Sadio Mane, previously the lone brand ambassador on the New Balance team for the entire 2020 year.

“It feels amazing to have a brand like New Balance behind me,” Saka said upon signing. “Working with the team and having my family involved has been a great experience so far.”

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